Aweber Split Testing (Email Marketing Training)

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One of the most important elements of marketing is your mailing list. In fact, it’s probably your single, most valuable asset.

What you do with your lists, how you communicate to your public, what you say, what you promote, what words you use in your emails to your customers, all these things make a huge difference in the success of your online business. So how to do you figure out what to say in your emails, what’s effective and what isn’t? TESTING, that’s how.

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Facebook Local

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New Facebook changes are coming. And with it, you’ll see a much more localized, geo-targeted social network. Have you ever heard me say that the internet is going local? Only a thousand times. Well, here’s one more clue in case you had doubts…


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Google in your TV

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Google is currently working with Dish Network, Bloomberg TV, and NBC Universal – all that you receive with your MAG 254 subscription, to allow Adwords users to create TV ads on several different TV networks.

This service is currently only available for national targeting, and only to people with an Adwords account, as it is part of that interface. But you can see that Google is working hard to make your ads available everywhere consumers look: desktop computers, mobile phones and now TV.

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Cookie Cutter Apps Smackdown: Mobile Marketing Changes

In case you were wondering whether or not mobile marketing was really that important to you as a business owner, let’s take a look at what’s been going on recently.

1. Everyone and their mother owns a smartphone of some sort: an iPhone, a Blackberry, an Android.
1a. Smartphone users do internet searches from said smartphones.
2. There are thousands upon thousands of smartphone apps available for free or for purchase from the iTunes store, and thousands more from third party developers.
3. In the past few weeks Apple has cracked down HARD on the developers of “cookie cutter applications” created from templates. They do not want apps in their iTunes store that are basically glorified business cards or that don’t really provide an excellent service to users.

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iPad: A Clue to Mobile Marketing Trends

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Get in line at your local Apple store, because the awesome new iPad will be available for purchase starting this Saturday! You can also enter my contest to win a FREE one, by going to My iPad Contest.

That bridges over nicely to something I mentioned in a recent live show. Traditional desktop searching is changing rapidly. The way people are consuming the internet is changing. And as a business owner, it’s vital that you stay on top of these changes so that you’re not left in the dust. Mobile marketing is not just the future of marketing, it’s the NOW of marketing.

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Marketing Your Way Out Of It

Although I discussed this topic on my live show right before Christmas this past year, it applies to all of us from time to time. So I wanted to mention it now.

We often have the urge during traditionally “tough” economic times like holidays, to go into agreement with them, and blame those holidays or seasons for drops in our sales, low income, etc. What times are “tough” depend on what business you’re in. We say “Things are always slow this time of year” or “It’s the economy” or “It’s the holidays”. But saying those things doesn’t improve the situation, it just justifies low production.

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18 Feb 10 Live Questions Answered

Did you miss last Tuesday’s live show at  Here’s what you missed!  The answers to the following questions:

1. Is Google just throwing out so many products they want to see what sticks?

2. What should a noob do to get into the Internet Marketing industry?

3. Does Google Buzz have an open API?

4. How do Google Buzz email alerts work?

5. What’s the difference between “white hat” and “black hat” marketing?

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Internet Marketing VS Gambling

Do you have the idea that you have about as much control over your internet marketing as you do over a hand of cards at a blackjack table or a lottery ticket? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not true. You DO have control over the outcome of your marketing efforts.

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How I Made My Adsense Video #1 in Search Results

A while back I posted a video on Youtube about my Adsense earnings. Many people have asked me how I got that Adsense Video to be #1 in searches. This past week it was asked in the live chat, so I thought I’d post the clip here for you. Now go try your hand at making a viral video!


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