Internet Marketing VS Gambling

Do you have the idea that you have about as much control over your internet marketing as you do over a hand of cards at a blackjack table or a lottery ticket? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not true. You DO have control over the outcome of your marketing efforts.

Online marketing is not something you can succeed at by trying one thing one day and then dropping it because you don’t make a million dollars in a week. That strategy doesn’t work in ANY career. If you want to be a doctor or a chef or a plumber or WHATEVER, first you decide. Then you study, you practice, you study more, you practice more. You become competent through study and practice. That is always how it’s done, and this field is no different.

The key is PERSISTENCE. Noone has ever become a professional at anything without persistence. It is the one thing that separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

In last week’s live show I went over this exact point. So here’s the clip for those of you just starting, or those of you on the verge of giving up, or those of you who’ve been at it for years and want a little reminder of why you persist. And for anyone else who just feels like watching. Cheers!

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