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Yesterday was a BIG day for Google. And for social networking. I went over it in my live show at, as well. But I wanted to make sure and post it here so everyone knows.

Google released their newest product called “Buzz” yesterday. Essentially, it’s a social network which links your twitter feed, your youtube videos, your flickr pics, and all other social networks that Google can figure out that are connected with you…all to your gmail.

So now in your gmail, you’ll see a real-time feed of your friends’ posts on their connected social networks and your own. You can post directly from your gmail homepage, add links and pics and it goes into the feeds of all your Buzz friends instantly. The more connected sites and friends you add, the more feed data you will have, and the more people will see what YOU’RE talking about as well.

According to the very first link I saw from an internet geekstar in my feed when I signed up today, “Facebook has just lost half of its value.” I don’t know how true that is, but Google Buzz certainly has potential to be THE go-to place for all of my social media activities. Because if I can do it all from one place, why not?

Only question I have at the moment is how Google plans to allow me to link to my other sites which it didn’t automatically find for me. There are many that it didn’t even see. So I’m trying to figure that out at the moment, and I’ll keep you posted with the results.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to Google Buzz so you can check it out for yourself.

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