The Google Buzz Buzz

Screenshot-New! Google Buzz in Gmail - Chromium-1
Image by m0n0lithic via Flickr

Yesterday was a BIG day for Google. And for social networking. I went over it in my live show at, as well. But I wanted to make sure and post it here so everyone knows.

Google released their newest product called “Buzz” yesterday. Essentially, it’s a social network which links your twitter feed, your youtube videos, your flickr pics, and all other social networks that Google can figure out that are connected with you…all to your gmail.

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Backupify Online Backup Tool: Act Quick!

I mentioned this on the Tuesday show, but I wanted to post a reminder on here for those of you who might be interested.

Backupify is an online backup tool that backs up your social data, blog posts, pictures, etc. from your WordPress blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many other social networking sites. Until the 31st of January it’s FREE. So if this is something you are interested in, you only have 2 days to get it for free. I’m not an affiliate for them, and this isn’t a product I own or sponsor in any way. I just thought it was cool, and I like to promote helpful tools to my friends and fans.

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