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  1. Hi Bill;

    I have been working at Internet Marketing for a while (more than year), I have several friends who are making good money (over $100K) and that is why I am sticking to this. My problem is with my keyword research. It seems that no matter what keyword I choose there is a lot of competition to it. Do you have any advice on how to select good keywords for Google Adsense?

    There are a number of sites, and books that have the topic in them, but they seem to be missing something. Or maybe I am just to focused on results that I do not get the big picture. I am just not happy with what I am doing, and even though I try different suggestions I end up with the same problem, I can not rank or get traffic due to the competition.

    Do you have a guideline, or e-book or something that you could recommend for this?

    By the way, I have asked my friends for help., and I walk away more confused then when I started.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. I came across your video on YouTube where you made 3.5 million dollars with Google Adsense. That’s amazing!! I have a Google Adsense account and I want to make really good money with it. I have a blog where I promote a Clickbank product using Weebly.com, with Google Ads on it. Can you tell me the best way to drive traffic to your site and how you were able to make millions with Adsense? (2) Also, I was trying to find what the pay cycle is for Adsense. What is the pay cycle and when does Google payout? (3) Does a person have an option between check and direct deposit? (4) Does Google automatically payout or do you have to request payment? I would appreciate your responses Bill. Thank you.

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