Live Questions Answered about Local Marketing

This is from an earlier show in December, but it’s more important now than ever to understand and apply local marketing to your online business.

If you remember way back in December (for internet technology that actually IS way back), Google was trying to acquire Yelp.  That was HUGE news.  Not only that, but Google got turned DOWN by Yelp.   A Google representative was quoted saying THEY are the ones who turned down Yelp…which, aside from being a tactic I used in third grade, also makes NO sense.  Google buys EVERYTHING which makes sense to buy.  They would NEVER say no to Yelp, in my opinion.  Anyway, there’s some context for you.

Without further delay, here are a couple member questions answered on the subject of Local Marketing from that week…

1. How do you optimize your site for Local?

2. How local is too local?

Find out the answers in the clip below.


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