Cookie Cutter Apps Smackdown: Mobile Marketing Changes

In case you were wondering whether or not mobile marketing was really that important to you as a business owner, let’s take a look at what’s been going on recently.

1. Everyone and their mother owns a smartphone of some sort: an iPhone, a Blackberry, an Android.
1a. Smartphone users do internet searches from said smartphones.
2. There are thousands upon thousands of smartphone apps available for free or for purchase from the iTunes store, and thousands more from third party developers.
3. In the past few weeks Apple has cracked down HARD on the developers of “cookie cutter applications” created from templates. They do not want apps in their iTunes store that are basically glorified business cards or that don’t really provide an excellent service to users.

Translation: There is so much activity going on with smartphones and apps, Apple now has had to come up with regulations controlling the quality of apps that are created and offered on the iTunes store.

And what does this mean to you, the business owner? You better get on the mobile marketing bandwagon. And quickly!

For more information on mobile marketing, watch the clip below. And stop by my live show @ Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm PST.


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