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Google is currently working with Dish Network, Bloomberg TV, and NBC Universal – all that you receive with your MAG 254 subscription, to allow Adwords users to create TV ads on several different TV networks.

This service is currently only available for national targeting, and only to people with an Adwords account, as it is part of that interface. But you can see that Google is working hard to make your ads available everywhere consumers look: desktop computers, mobile phones and now TV.

For more information on what impact this can have for you as a small business owner, watch the video clip from my live show below.


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One thought on “Google in your TV

  1. Google on TV?! It was inevitable. Actually, I was quite impressed with the ease of use. Imagine placing a simple ad that goes national within a day. Now that is powerful for individuals and local businesses looking to increase the size of their market. Fun stuff!

    ~Christina Hood
    new2onlinebusiness com

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