Mobile Marketing & Advertising for the Holidays

Mobile Marketing & Advertising for the Holidays top imageThe holidays are almost upon us and so is the busiest shopping day of the year – the ubiquitous Black Friday – where people of all sizes and shapes, creeds and colors scramble off to the mall before the sun even has a chance to think about coming back up. If you haven’t started preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all the shopping days leading up to the big C, you need to start preparing right now. One of the smartest ways you can prepare is to have your web presence ready for mobile devices of all makes, models and screen sizes. The world has gone mobile and even though a ton of mobile devices will be given as gifts this year, the mobile device will likely be your customers’ vehicle of choice for browsing your store and making a purchase. If you haven’t started holiday mobile marketing, here is how to get mobile marketing ready just in time for the holidays.

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Google Updates for Mobile Marketing

Google Updates for Mobile MarketingGoogle recently held its annual education conference in San Francisco, but it was the conference named Learn with Google that particularly stuck out during the packed and fun-filled event. The Learn With Google full-day seminar gave participants unprecedented access to some of Google’s smartest minds. Several of the sessions presented throughout the day focused on mobile marketing and how to gain prominent attention and rankings in a multi-screen world. If you want to improve your mobile marketing in Google, you will want to pay attention to a few of the takeaways from this year’s SESSF.

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Best Tactics For Local Marketing

When your business relies on local customers, it makes no sense to market to a worldwide audience. Why do you care if someone in Australia can find your location online when you’re looking for customers in Austin, Texas, for example? The following local marketing tactics will make it so that your computer and mobile searching audience can not only find your business online, but they’ll also be able to follow a map right to your door to make a purchase.


Google+ Business

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Inside News On AdWords

PPC Advertising & AdWords platformGoogle has been steadfastly updating its PPC advertising platform and the latest AdWords news should sound promising to online marketers everywhere. The platform has not only added more tools for targeting mobile marketing customers, but it has included a new paid and organic report, cross-account conversion tracking and much more. Here is a rundown of all the latest happenings to occur on everyone’s favorite PPC platform, the Google AdWords network.


Mobile Customer Targeting

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AdSense Is Adding An Additional Policy Notification Feature

Google AdSenseGoogle AdSense advertisers and publishers should do whatever they can to stay on top of any AdSense additional policy notifications as they become available. The platform policy rules allow Google to create a consistent and healthy atmosphere for all platform users, advertisers and publishers alike; and any new additions to its policy are intended to improve that atmosphere and make the AdSense platform even more robust and useful.

Now a new feature on the platform promises to alert you to any issues right away. The AdSense additional policy notification feature is being rolled out slowly and should hit your account soon.

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What Is Target Marketing

Target marketing is the act of developing campaigns designed to hone in on a specific group of people. If you are a marketer in any capacity, it’s likely that you already know how to do target marketing; but this guide will help you narrow your focus even further. Whether you are attempting to market a business, a product or a service, you will soon learn to find just the group who’s interested and ready to buy. To begin, start thinking about keyword terms you yourself would use to search online for whatever you’re trying to market; as you will use those terms and concepts throughout this target marketing tutorial.

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Voice Recognition Tools Now Being Used For Google Search

If someone told you twenty years ago that you would one day be able to talk to your phone and have it understand you and respond accordingly, you probably would have called them crazy; but Google is known for taking crazy ideas and making them a reality. Case in point, take the new Google search with voice recognition tools. What was once a neat feature that the company added to Google Now a year ago is now a powerful new feature that is being expanded upon in order to serve nearly all of Google’s apps and services.

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What’s New For FaceBook

look into FaceBook's secretive headquartersFaceBook is constantly up against a barrage of competitors in the social media arena and it knows it must continuously advance if it hopes to remain relevant. Advance it has. FaceBook is about to introduce a whole host of new features and algorithm changes that will make it even more robust and useful for new and old users alike. Let’s take a peek into the FaceBook’s secretive development headquarters to see what plans we can unravel.


On This Day

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The Most Effective Autoresponders

E mail envelopeAutoresponders are an effective email marketing tool that can help you more successfully connect with your target audience. An effective autoresponders series can build hype for your latest product offer, alert your subscriber to your latest sale, inform and entertain your audience; or all of the above. In essence, autoresponders are one of the most powerful tools in the online marketer’s toolbox; and nothing is more useful for urging your customers further along through your sales funnel. To maximize their reach and the connection they build with your prospective consumers, you should follow the advice of email marketing experts. The following tips have been compiled from email marketing gurus across the web. Heed their advice for an autoresponders series that always hits its marketing goals.

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New Product Ideas

Are you attempting to generate new product ideas for your next venture? Charles Kettering, American Inventor and holder of over 180 patents once said that, “Inventing is a combination of brains & materials. The more brains you use, the less material you need.” What a brilliant statement, but it’s also a daunting one. With all the products in the world, how can anyone hope to crack into the market today? The idea is to generate a wide range of ideas for a new product. The following exercises may help you come up with the next Velcro, Band-Aid or Kleenex that completely transforms the world as we know it.

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