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PPC Advertising & AdWords platformGoogle has been steadfastly updating its PPC advertising platform and the latest AdWords news should sound promising to online marketers everywhere. The platform has not only added more tools for targeting mobile marketing customers, but it has included a new paid and organic report, cross-account conversion tracking and much more. Here is a rundown of all the latest happenings to occur on everyone’s favorite PPC platform, the Google AdWords network.


Mobile Customer Targeting

The AdWords news blog lists several ideas for targeting mobile customers, and you know that the platform has been busy implementing new tools for this very activity. As the blog entry states, this year is the first time the majority of people in the US own smartphones, and that means that mobile conversions are continuing to grow.

The blog entry gives several tips for targeting the mobile-centric much more effectively, and lists a few tools that will help with that process. One of the tools it mentions is the Full Value of Mobile Calculator that you can use to estimate the overall value that mobile users contribute to your business.


New Paid And Organic Report

In other AdWords news, there is a new paid and organic search report to help you analyze and optimize the way your ads show up in Google, as well as the ways people respond to them. In the past, search reports only showed paid and organic performance without insights into how users were behaving. This new report will allow you to discover additional keywords, optimize your search presence for high-value search terms, as well as measure the impact on your target market whenever you change bids, alter your budget or change keywords.

Digital marketing firm IMPAQT had this to say about the new report: “The paid & organic report has been incredibly useful in understanding the interaction between paid and organic search, and the overall synergy when they are working together. For one of our client’s key branded queries, we saw an 18% increase in CTR when paid and organic work together, as opposed to only having the organic listing.”


Cross-Account Conversions And Search Funnels

AdWords wants to help advertisers get a better viewpoint of their customer’s interactions with their ads as they progress through the buying process. As it stands now, search behavior can be very complex to analyze. An example offered by the AdWords news blog is a customer that searches for a product in the morning on their home computer and then follows up with a more thorough search at the office later in the day.

cross account conversions with AdWordsCross-account conversion tracking is for those AdWords advertisers with more than one account who are tired of merging conversion accounts from other tools into the AdWords platform. This new tool allows advertisers to measure conversions across every account with ease.

Advertisers can tag their sites easily with snippet code that can be used across all accounts, they will enjoy more accurate conversion reporting and they will be able to track new accounts without all the headaches.

Another tool launched by AdWords is the Cross-account search funnel, which is a detailed report that shows how customers interact with all ads across all accounts and reveals the top conversion paths so that advertisers can focus their most efforts on what’s working now. Finally, advertisers will be able to generate assisted conversion reports, which reveal the upper funnel keywords that might be lacking attention and value.


Holiday Shopping Office Hours

While technically not a new PPC advertising tool, the AdWords news blog recently announced new dates for its Google Shopping Office Hours meeting that the company recently hosted via Google+ Hangouts and plans to host again in the near future. In fact, there are several dates listed on the blog, the first one occurring on Tuesday, September 10th.

With Black Friday only three weeks away, this is a great opportunity for AdWords advertisers to learn some new tricks of the trade related to pricing, taxes, scaling inventory and much more. Sign up now before all the spots are taken prior to the upcoming holiday season.


Keeping Up With AdWords Product Updates

The AdWords platform is constantly being updated and that makes it difficult to remain up-to-date with all the latest advancements. To make it easier, the platform has included a product updates search box at the upper right hand side of its Google AdWords news blog. Keep searching, learning and applying the latest advice and marketing tools to earn a higher rate of return on ad spend (ROAS).

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