AdSense Direct is What’s New with Google

AdSense Direct is What's New with GoogleGoogle recently announced a brand new option for people who wish to sell advertising on their websites and blogs. If you have a website and/or blog that is experiencing tons of traffic and attention daily, you might have a good bargaining chip that you can use to command high rates for the virtual real estate that is represented by your site and blog sidebars. With really engaging sites, advertisers might even come to you for the purposes of advertising. If you were to sell this advertising space on your own, you would have to deal with contracts, payment terms and you would have to ensure that you were getting paid regularly. Now, Google is offering website and blog owners the chance to sell valuable virtual real estate on their digital creations using the Adsense platform. Enter Adsense Direct. If you haven’t heard about Adsense Direct, prepare to get really excited; especially if you have a popular site or blog and you really, really like money.

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