AdSense Direct is What’s New with Google

AdSense Direct is What's New with GoogleGoogle recently announced a brand new option for people who wish to sell advertising on their websites and blogs. If you have a website and/or blog that is experiencing tons of traffic and attention daily, you might have a good bargaining chip that you can use to command high rates for the virtual real estate that is represented by your site and blog sidebars. With really engaging sites, advertisers might even come to you for the purposes of advertising. If you were to sell this advertising space on your own, you would have to deal with contracts, payment terms and you would have to ensure that you were getting paid regularly. Now, Google is offering website and blog owners the chance to sell valuable virtual real estate on their digital creations using the Adsense platform. Enter Adsense Direct. If you haven’t heard about Adsense Direct, prepare to get really excited; especially if you have a popular site or blog and you really, really like money.

What is Adsense Direct?
Adsense Direct works off of the current Google Adsense platform. Adsense, as you know, allows you to showcase relevant ads on your sites and blogs. You simply install the code, provide the content and Google does all the rest. You don’t have to touch a thing and you can potentially make money with every impression or click the ads earn.

Google Adsense Direct works a bit differently. Instead of showing just any relevant ads, you can specify certain advertisers, just as you would if you were selling space on your site or blog all on your own. Let’s say, for example, that your website is about electricity services and that your local electricity provider has contacted you for the purposes of showcasing their ads on your website’s sidebar. Instead of drawing up contracts, figuring out payment terms and all that jazz, Google will do it all for you using Adsense Direct.

Google takes about 15-18% of the revenue that the ads earn and you get the rest, and that advertiser’s ads will show up on your site or blog where you have placed your Google Adsense code. If the advertisers specifies that he or she only wants the ads to run at certain times, your blog or site traffic audience won’t notice a switch at all. The advertiser’s ads will run and then they will be switched with regular Google Adsense ads at the appropriate time. This allows you to still make money, even though the advertiser’s ads are no longer showing for your readers.

Increase Revenue and Draw More Advertisers In
There are many advantages to the Google Adsense Direct platform. For one, you don’t have to worry about selling your own advertising services; though you are encouraged to advertise on your site and blog that you are part of the Adsense Direct system. This is just in case any advertisers happen to peruse your site or blog and decide that they want a piece of your traffic action.

Another prime benefit is that you are only advertising with Google Ads, which ensures that they will be seen and trusted by your frenzied audience. With Google being at the top of its digital game, using Google Adsense and Adsense Direct Google Ads are terrific ways to funnel some of the truck-loads of money that the search giant earns on a daily basis in your direction.

Potential Drawbacks
Of course, if you take to the Internet and conduct a search for Google Adsense Direct, you will notice some bad PR for the search giant being spread around. Many webmasters aren’t happy with the 15-18% cut that Google takes off the top of your Google Ads revenue. Still, consider what would happen if you were to sell advertising all on your own. Think about how complicated the process would be. Not only that, but you would be at a major disadvantage if your website or blog isn’t that well known.

AdSense Direct is What's New with Google 1All in all, that nominal cut off the top of your Adsense revenue isn’t that much and Google is doing a lot of the work for you, which should be more than enough reason to pay the search giant what it feels it deserves. When you consider that your ads will show up without fail, that you always have more opportunities to make even more Adsense Direct sales and the fact that your paycheck always comes in on time whenever you do have money coming to you, Google provides a pretty good service and should be paid in kind.

Whether you agree with the nominal fee or not, give the Google Adsense Direct platform a chance and see what you think. Chances are you will fall in love, especially when your very first lucrative payment arrives.

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