AdWords Columns Now Includes Keyword Bid Simulator Estimates

The Google Adwords platform is by far, hands-down the best pay-per-click advertising platform available online. With the proper budget, a few best practices and the most strategic keyword bids, your ads will show up for all relevant search engine users. Just think of the possibilities. Consider the average person searching Google with one of your keyword terms and then imagine one of your ads showing up first and foremost on that person’s screen. Picture the average person who sees your ads clicking-through to every landing page you create, and then ultimately subscribing, buying or taking whatever calls-to-action you tell them to take. All of this is possible with the Adwords platform, and now with the new Keyword Bid Simulator, finding success on Adwords is even easier.

Keyword Bid Simulator – What’s the Big Whup?

The keyword bid simulator takes all the guesswork out of bidding for top keywords, which is the biggest obstacle most Google Adwords users face. To find the most success with Google Ads, you need to not only find the best keywords, but you need to put the proper budget behind those keywords if you hope for them to be effective.

AdSense Direct is What's New with GoogleSee, Google Keywords each have a price associated to them. This price is identified as the Google Adwords Keyword cost-per-click. Your job is to bid as much as possible for each keyword that you hope to optimize for so that you can show up first for all potential search engine users. At least you’ll show up for search users who happen to search for relevant keyword terms.

Before the Keyword Bid Simulator came into effect, Google Adwords users would have to come up with keyword bid amounts all on their own. It was a crap-shoot at best and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. Now that you have a systemized way to come up with your bids, your Google Ads will be even more likely to succeed.

The Keyword Bid Simulator takes the Google Keywords you feed it and then provides you with – estimated – keyword bid amounts. Yes, you read that right. The bids are estimated, but receiving a roundabout number is far better than coming up with that number off the top of your head; especially when you know that the number originated from actual Google Ads that are optimization for that very same keyword term.

With the proper keyword Adwords bids under your belt, you will receive more impressions, far more click-throughs and your organization will experience loads more sales and loyal customer communications. Once you know exactly what to bid, the Google Adwords platform will become your professional playground. Yes, I am implying that getting the proper Google Keyword bids will make the Adwords platform seem like child’s play. Once you know the rules – and the bids to apply to the keywords you are optimizing for – getting the results you crave will become a sure possibility and you will retain complete control over all of your best-performing Google ad campaigns.

Where to Go From Here

To use the Google Keyword Bid Simulator, you will need a set of keywords that potential clients or customers may type into Google to find your organization – and its products and services. If you are clueless on the types of keywords to optimize for, Adwords has an estimator tool for that, too.

First, you will need to log-in to your Google Adwords account and select Tools in the menu bar at the top. You will notice a keyword estimator tool, and this is where you will find these amazing keyword data tools. You can find out which keywords you should target, when you should target them, which keywords should be combined for best results and, most importantly, you will discover just how much to bid for the audience you have in mind.

With the new Keyword Bid Estimator, and all the other capabilities that the Google Adwords tool offers you, your organization will be inundated with phone calls, emails and plain, old walk-ins – even if you work at a home-based business.

AdSense Direct is What's New with Google 1Yes, people may become so excited about your business that they surprise you as you are enjoying your morning coffee, sitting in your underwear, ready to tackle the day’s to-do list. With Google Adwords and the excitement that can build from each keyword you optimize for, something as embarrassing as that is bound to happen.

The lesson is to always be dressed, to prepare your inbox for a flood of new emails and to man the phones to prepare for all of those Google Adwords-driven leads to come flowing in. You may even want to hire a virtual assistant, you are bound to be that busy.

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