Revamp Your Online Marketing Campaign for Summer

Revamp Your Online Marketing Campaign for SummerSummer is typically the time when people like to take their vacations, but you shouldn’t take a vacation from your online marketing campaign if you want to be successful. This is an excellent time to become involved with online marketing, and the summertime breeze may just put your customers in the mood to buy. Here are a few tips that should help you summer-ize your online marketing campaign to deliver more engagement and sales before fall time rolls around.

Why Summer is Perfect for Tweaking Online Marketing

Summertime is when the kids get out of school for a few months and many business owners also get to relax. If you find yourself taking any sort of break, why not break out your online marketing campaign to complete a few tweaks?

It only takes an hour here and an hour there to make big changes to your online marketing campaign, and the results may astound you.

Cooler Colors

One way you can make your online marketing summerific is to use cooler colors on all your designs. From website themes to email templates to the covers of your lead generation reports; use blues, greens and other cool colors that people typically associate with summer. Not only will those colors relax your visitors and readers, but the cooler colors are also statistically proven to keep people on the page longer, thus leading to further engagement and possibly higher conversions and sales.

Use Visualization

Since people typically associate summer with breaks and vacations, why not help people whisk their minds away with language that helps them visualize what you want them to? For example, if you are renting cars, you might want to tell a story that helps the reader visualize himself driving cross-country without a care in the world. Or a site selling headphones might help readers picture themselves sitting on a park bench, watching their kids play, listening to their favorite music, drowning out the world and yet reveling in it at the same time.

Use your imagination and make your online marketing campaign really stand out by helping your audience get away for summer, even if they can’t in real life.

Images, Photos and Videos

One way you can help your audience get away for summer is to use eye-catching images, photos that show people, places and things at their very best; as well as videos. Nothing engages quite like video and YouTube makes it simple to get your videos online for all your audience to see. If your online marketing campaign is free of or low on images, photos and videos; this summer is the perfect time to stock up. Just this simple tip can double or triple the results you’re seeing right now. If you’re not experiencing results at all, you may succeed in getting the ball rolling just by posing for the camera.

New Technologies and Techniques

The hardest part about online marketing is keeping on top of all the latest tech and tips to emerge from the best and brightest in the industry. Your job, if you hope to keep your online marketing campaign optimized and constantly churning out results, is to read and learn as much as you can. Watch YouTube videos from your industry, go to that ancient place called the library and check out any books you can find on Internet marketing and the current state of the industry; and whatever you do, make sure you read the top blogs from all the luminaries in the field.

Many of the latest tools are free or low cost, but you must know how to use them. This summer is an ideal time to take your industry-related education to the next level. Consider it continuing education. You can do it all on your own or you can find a class or some online courses to take. As long as you learn something new and you’re able to supercharge your online marketing campaign with the information you find, you’ll have spent your time and energy wisely.

Change Your Offer

If you’re not getting the results you want from your online marketing efforts and you’ve already tweaked your campaign until you were blue in the face, and you’re still not experiencing the results you want, it’s time to get serious about things. It may be that your offer isn’t strong enough to entice your audience to act. You might consider changing your offer altogether or tweaking it, also, such as bundling it with another offer or offering it at a lower or much higher price point. It never hurts to try and you never know when you’ll hit that sweet spot offer that your audience simply loves to buy.

Revamp Your Online Marketing Campaign for Summer 1If you don’t do anything else this summer, at least look at your online marketing campaign through the eyes of your typical customer. Determine if your message is effective, if your colors truly speak to you and see if your offer makes you want to take out your credit card and start typing.

If you don’t feel that your online marketing campaign truly ‘brings it’ or if you see any areas lacking, this summer is the time to change things up. As the weather warms up and the clothes become skimpier, it’s time to make your online marketing a whole lot deadlier to the competition. You now have several ideas to help you do just that.


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