Local and Mobile Marketing Should Go Hand in Hand

Local and Mobile Marketing Should Go Hand in HandBusinesses that rely on local customers and clients must treat online marketing a tad differently than all the other businesses out there. For example, they’re not marketing on Facebook to clients in Cairo and California. Likewise, they’re not just tweeting to customers in California and New York. Instead, these local marketing businesses are focusing solely on customers that reside in Burbank, California; the ones that work in Kalamazoo, Michigan; and they are looking to gain access only to only those who live and work in Wichita Falls, Texas. Not only must local marketing be treated differently, but local mobile marketing must be considered, as well. Here are the various local and mobile marketing techniques that are rocking the digital world as we speak. Put one or more of them to work in your own business to cause the phone to ring, your email inbox to fill up and to deliver more warm bodies through your business door.

How Local Mobile Marketing is Different

Local mobile marketing differs in a big way from traditional search engine optimization, or SEO. With regular SEO, you are trying to target people who may be using computers or mobile devices; basically, you are looking to draw the attention of anyone with an online connection. Local marketing is different.

With local marketing, you are targeting people in a specific city, town, state or suburb. This means that you need to conduct your local marketing with that in mind. For example, where you might use the keyword ‘Bass Fish Bait’ to sell tackle to a mass audience, you might use the keyword ‘Vermont Bass Fish Bait’ or even ‘Montpelier Bass Fish Bait’ if you wanted to be more specific.

Performing a Local Marketing Makeover

You will soon learn how to conduct a local mobile marketing makeover of your online presence, but for right now focus on using as many of those above-mentioned geographical keywords as possible to draw more search engine traffic your way. Not only are more searchers using geography in their search engine queries – for example, they may look for a dentist in Atlanta – but more search engines are automatically sensing the location of their users to deliver local marketing results.

Google, for example, will use your IP or the GPS functionality of your mobile device to deliver local results. You can still ensure that local marketing prospects and customers will be notified of your online presence by including all the geo-keywords that can be naturally-inserted into your content marketing strategy.

Use these keywords on your website pages, in your blogs, on social media profiles and use them when blasting press releases far and wide to urge prospects to call your phone number, email or walk on in.

Local Mobile Marketing

To target mobile marketing prospects and customers, think about where those individuals mostly hang out when using their mobile devices. Your local mobile marketing target market might find themselves logging into Facebook at least once per day. Or you might find that your target market frequently visits Yelp to read the online reviews written about the local businesses in town. Your job is to frequent those places and to make your online presence more prominent in those locations.

For example, you will want to fill your social profiles with geo-keywords and you will also want to reach out to local prospects and customers who exhibit interest in your field. You should also make your presence available on Internet review sites, online forums and in blog comment sections.Revamp Your Online Marketing Campaign for Summer 1 Write interesting, relevant information, provide helpful tips and help your prospects and customers avoid costly mistakes instead of forcing them to experience those inevitable mistakes on their own.

When it comes to online reviews, urge your best clients and customers to leave their thoughts on Yelp, Google+ Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local and anywhere else their thoughts can be submitted. The more online reviews you gather online, the bigger your local mobile marketing presence will become.

The goal is to have your business show up the moment your local prospects and customers search for whatever they need online; preferably when using their mobile devices. As mobile devices become more popular and as wearable mobile devices gain more acceptance, expect local mobile marketing to become the norm for small and medium sized businesses, as well as for corporations alike. It seems that everyone is online these days and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s not using at least some type of mobile device. If you want to remain ahead of the curve and you want more local customers to select you over the competition, put these local marketing tips and all of this advice to good use.


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