How to Use Pinterest to Stay Connected This Summer

Are you desperately hoping for a change of scenery this summer? You’re not alone. As the weather steadily grows warmer, more and more people will be traveling, taking to the beach and generally leaving their old lives behind; if only for a few hours, days or weeks. If you plan to do your own traveling this summer and you want to stay in touch with your audience, why not start with Pinterest?

Before we get to various Pinterest tips that can keep your audience riveted while you travel (or while they do), it’s important to explain why this particular social network is exploding in popularity.


Why Pinterest?

A few years ago, people would’ve advised you that email was the best way to keep in contact with your marketing audience.  Not today. While most people may check their email on a daily basis, the engagement rates just aren’t where they were back when email marketing was in its heyday. Today, you would be much better served taking to social media, more specifically Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visually-focused social network. While Twitter relies on Tweets and Facebook relies on posts, Pinterest users Pin the content they like the best. They can then share that content with others. Instead of Pins consisting of mere words or various types of media (including sound bites), Pinterest content is all visual. Stunning images and engaging videos are all you’ll find at Pinterest and that is precisely why the social network’s audience is growing so massively.


Only the Best-of-the-Best Visuals Will Do

How to Use Pinterest to Stay Connected This SummerIf you hope to use these Pinterest tips for summer to keep in touch with your audience, you should pledge yourself to only use the best and clearest images and videos to pin to your virtual cork board. The idea is to entice every person who visits your board to stop and stay awhile as they peruse each item you leave.

Now use these Pinterest tips to ramp up your engagement with your audience and remain connected as you make the most of this year’s summer season.


Photo Journal

If you plan to get away this summer, why not keep your audience in the loop with a series of eye-popping photos to chronicle your journey? You don’t need to travel to somewhere exotic to take photos that Pinterest users will enjoy. Even if you plan to travel to the next town over, you can take killer photos. You just have to keep your eye out for those out-of-the-box photo opportunities.


Before and Afters

Many people choose the summer months to completely transform themselves. You may want to lose weight, learn a new language, become proficient in a martial art or you might want to finally learn how to dance. You may even decide to have plastic surgery. Whatever the change is, keep track of your progress via photos or video – or both – and keep your audience up-to-date every step of the way.


Video Updates

Whether you pledge to read 100 books this summer, visit every Olive Garden from East Coast to West, or you finally plan to finish that novel that’s been on the backburner for years, keep your Pinterest audience in the loop with fresh videos filmed at least once per week. Nothing engages like video and, when done properly, video can lend a certain legitimacy to you and your cause, a fact TV and movie executives have known for years.


Change Things Up

It should be noted that these Pinterest tips for summer can all be used at the same time, and you are encouraged to use your imagination, as well as your knowledge of your audience, to provide all of your Pinterest followers with new and innovative pins that they will love looking through.

Don’t just pin a bunch of self-taken videos or before and after pics depicting your weight loss journey. Instead, mix it up and keep your audience on its toes. That will make your board unpredictable and that can keep your followers consistently coming back for more, since they’ll always find themselves wondering what you’re about to pin next.


Don’t Forget to Re-Pin

As with all other social networks, these Pinterest tips for summer will be best served as a combination of yours and other people’s pins. Pinning someone else’s pin on your board is called a Repin. With repins, you are acknowledging other Pinterest users and you’re sharing some of the best content with your loyal followers. Everyone wins, since you will also experience the added engagement.



How to Use Pinterest to Stay Connected This Summer 1Now you have several ways to stay connected with your loyal followers on Pinterest. Yet there is one more benefit to these tips we have yet to discuss. Traveling or showing how much you have changed on Pinterest might just inspire some of your audience members to travel or change. That’s the true power of these Pinterest tips for summer. By filling your board with content that your audience appreciates, you can succeed at making Pinterest a better place to be. You can also potentially improve the lives of your followers, which is always a good thing.

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