Powerful Online Marketing Tips for Summer

Powerful Online Marketing Tips for SummerSummer is a great time to improve your online marketing efforts. As people go on vacation, go to the beach and do other summer fun stuff, they’ll probably be taking to their smartphones and mobile devices to seek directions, read online reviews and make purchases, such as beach toys, sunscreen and whatever else may tickle their fancy. Your job is to capture some of that increased traffic so that you can earn new leads, make more sales and boost your bottom line one new customer at a time. Here are some powerful online marketing tips that you can put into place right now to get things ‘heating up’ while summer rolls on.

Copy, Borrow and Outright Steal

One of the best online marketing tips you will ever hear is to copy, borrow and outright steal from your competitors. The best artists steal, it’s been said, and you are encouraged to do the same if you want these summer marketing tips to work for you.

Now, to copy, borrow and steal does not mean to plagiarize (ref.: https://copyleaks.com/education/plagiarism-checker-for-schools). Rather, it means to glean what you can from the competition so that you can take the elements you approve of and tweak them to make them your own. For example, if you love your biggest competitor’s web copy, you can take the general idea and rewrite it in your own words (or you can have a copywriter do it for you). Don’t just pay attention to one competitor, however. Cyber stalk all of them for best results, and make their content your own by adding your own personal touches.

Think Like Your Ideal Target Customer

Another one of those great online marketing tips that you’re likely to never forget is to step out of your shoes and into the footwear of your ideal customer. Picture the one person you imagine would buy from you straight away if given the chance and think like that person. What are his/her motivations? What makes him/her tick?

For example, if through your market research you figure out that your ideal customer is a teenage girl around 17 or 18 years old, imagine that you are her and that you are looking at your online marketing campaign from her perspective. See the colors you’ve chosen through her eyes and consume your content just as she would. Populate your campaign with videos she might like to see and use language she would respond to. This is how you can determine if your online marketing efforts are successful. This exercise can also let you know what you may need to tweak to make your campaign even more effective.

To get an idea of the kinds of things your audience will be sure to react to, here are a few summer marketing tips you can use.

Social Media

Facebook has a new Graph Search function that will allow you to easily locate your target customers. Study their social media profiles, find out what kinds of problems they are facing and then try to solve those problems with your overall online marketing campaign. Answer their questions with your web copy and provide tutorials in the form of videos and other media. Don’t just use Facebook, however. That is only one aspect of social media that you are encouraged to seek out if you want these online marketing tips to be especially effective.

Check out the most popular forums in your niche, also. Pay special attention to the most popular posts and find out what your target audience is discussing with their like-minded peers. Also search through Twitter, Pinterest and any other social networks you happen to be using with your online marketing campaign.

As you go through the social profiles of your target audience and as you peruse the most popular forums of today, start making a list of all the most interesting tidbits you find, such as the most frequently asked questions, top problems and any summer marketing tips you may find. All of this information can then be used to make your online marketing campaign even better than it already is.

Powerful Online Marketing Tips for Summer 1You don’t have to get everything perfect this summer. Just keep working and constantly improving and soon you’ll have a well-targeted online marketing campaign that always succeeds at delivering the goods. The goods, in this case, indicates cold hard cash. By copying, borrowing and stealing from your competitors, putting yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and by conducting extensive research through the use of social media, this summer should become a very hot one for your organization. You now have several summer marketing tips to make that happen.

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