Take Your Marketing Viral

The goal of every marketer is to take the given brand message and spread it far and wide. That’s the idea behind viral marketing. With viral marketing, you create a single marketing message, say a video, and then you publish that video with the hopes that it will go viral. To illustrate how this happens, let’s look at a recent viral video – South Korean rapper Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ – which recently became the first youTube video to hit 1 billion views. Psy’s video pokes fun at wealthy South Koreans and includes funny dance moves choreographed by Psy himself. The video soon took off, spreading via social media, mobile devices and all other channels until it hit viral and, essentially, cult status. While your viral video marketing campaigns may not reach ‘Gangnam Style’ numbers, you can create a viral marketing campaign by following these few simple rules.

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How To Create And Run Your Own Viral Marketing Campaign

The dream of any marketer is to create a viral marketing campaign. When you are able to create a video, image, e-report or any other marketing piece that spreads just like an actual virus, you’ll know you’ve hit the big time. Creating a viral marketing campaign is much easier said than done. However, you can stack your deck and put the odds in your favor by keeping these viral marketing tips in mind.


The Big Idea

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