Mobile Advertising and Google: What’s to Come?

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Here it is…the biggest change in advertising since the 90s.  No hype. This is huge. It’s based on several things that all occurred simultaneously.  And here’s all of it:

1. Last week Google released a service for mobile devices called Click to Call.  It enables the mobile device user to find the service or product they’re looking for using a Google search, then click on it directly to contact the business.

2. Google released Nexus One “the Google phone”.   And they have basically bypassed all the traditional routes and methods of cell phone distribution, and are doing the whole thing themselves.  It’s being released via T-Mobile, but you can go directly to Google and buy the phone, as well.

3. Google bought Admob, a mobile advertising platform company for $75 M.

4. Apple simultaneously purchased Quattro, Admob’s competitor company.

So two of the biggest corporations on earth have just spent many millions of dollars purchasing mobile advertising companies.  Add this to the fact that there are over 450 million mobile internet users, and you should clearly be able to see the future.  I suggest you get ready.


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