How To Tell A Good Affiliate Offer from a Bad One

This was a question from the live chat during my 15 Dec 09 show, and I felt it was an important one so I wanted to mention it here.

“To prevent promoting unethical companies, would it be best to just find affiliate offers through known networks? Any advice on this?”

Yes, I do have advice. Here are a couple tips to ensure you are promoting a good product or service:

1. Look at the website of the company. Inspect it. Do they have their contact information, address and phone number on there? Do they offer complete information about their product or service?

2. Do a Google search for the company name. How are they reviewed by others? Do they have an inordinate amount of complaints by customers?

Basically, there is more to finding a good affiliate offer than just how much they pay out. Do your own research and make sure that you feel comfortable and certain that what you are promoting is something you should be promoting. For more specifics on this and the exact question and answer from the live show, watch the video clip below.


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