Google’s URL Shortener

Google finally gets their fingers into the URL shortener pie.

There are numerous companies who create URL shortener tools. These are tools that take a long url and shorten it so that it fits into a character-limited field like Twitter or a status field in one of your other social networks. They help ensure that your social network messages don’t get cut off, give you more space to say what you want to say, make it easier to forward, share, retweet, etc. without cutting off bits of the long url.

So why would Google create their own URL shortener? Well, if you wanted to know what social media users were talking about, so as to create products and services that are aligned with current trends, what would YOU do? Most likely you’d do everything that Google does.

Without further ado, here’s a clip from the live show demonstrating Google’s URL shortener and all its features inside the Google Toolbar.


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