Twitter Down: Twitter Hacked & Possibly Offline

Just after reports of Twitter being hacked by the “Iranian Cyber Army” the website now appears to be completely offline. Attempts from several different locations have all resulted in various connection errors.

Previously when users visted the Twitter site they were presented with an image stating that the site had been hacked as some sort of protest over Iran.  The hackers also provided the email address: [email protected] as a means of contacting them. This image began appearing 6 a.m. GMT today.

Can you access Twitter from your area? Or is it down for you too? Drop me a comment and let me know…

3 thoughts on “Twitter Down: Twitter Hacked & Possibly Offline

  1. Everything seems fine over here on the east cost. I’ve been able to access Twitter all day today. With $140 million of investment capital, you’d think they could afford some decent security.

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