22 December 09 Forum Questions Answered

When it comes to online marketing, there are always questions.  My staff and I go through my forums at BusinessInnerCircle.com all the time and answer questions posted there.  Some of them I like to answer live on the show on Tuesday nights as well.

In the 22 December episode of the live Tuesday night show, we did a forum roundup of questions which had been posted during the week. The topics covered were:

1. Is it possible to make money with an Adwords-based website?

2. Would it be wise to offer layaway plans for online businesses?

Watch the clip to see my responses to those questions.  And remember, if you have your OWN questions about internet marketing that you’d like answered, go to BusinessInnerCircle.com.  Watch the show, post your questions into the chat, and the rest of the week you can get your questions answered in the forums by the staff and other knowledgeable marketers who are members of the site.



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