The Truth About SEO And Page Rank

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When you first began studying search engine optimization, you undoubtedly came across a term you may not have recognized. Page Rank – what does it really mean? To understand page rank, we should go back to when Google, the largest search engine, first began. Back then, every web page was measured against the same scale. The search engines merely had to look for keywords and analyze meta tags in order to rank various web pages accordingly. Soon, people began to game the system. Keyword stuffing and other shenanigans enabled people to dominate the SERPs, but it also meddled up the Internet with a lot of useless content. Google’s solution, to gauge every web page against its Page Rank, revolutionized the way we know and use search engines today. Page rank is another term for an authority rank and you should focus on making sure your site’s PR is outstanding if you hope to dominate your competitors.

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