Would You Use Facebook For Your Search Engine?

would you use the facebook search engineMost search engine marketing experts these days focus on Google and Bing, the number one and number two most popular search engines in the world. Most articles and videos and other content that have to do with search engine optimization and other search engine marketing topics primarily focus on Google or Bing, until now. Facebook has come out with its answer to Google and Bing with Facebook Graph Search. It’s currently in beta status, as well as invite only, but it should be rolled out soon. Whether you’re a search engine marketing hopeful or an expert, here are a few very good reasons why you’ll want to pay attention to this Facebook search engine, which is sure to make waves in the coming months.


What Is The New Facebook Search Engine Graph Search All About?

Search engine marketing is going to be a little different with Graph Search. Instead of targeting websites like Google and Bing’s search engines do, the Facebook search engine targets people, places and things. Instead of searching for a website for a restaurant, for example, you can use the Facebook search engine to search for restaurants in New York that have been liked by your friends.

Are you now starting to see the implications for search engine marketing? Facebook is finally beginning to tap into the collective knowledge of the Facebook platform to help answer Graph Search users’ questions about what to eat, where to buy and where to go to get the latest and best advice.

While Facebook will in no way replace Google or Bing, Facebook does provide an advantage that neither search giants can ever hope to match. Graph stores information about all Facebook users, their behaviors and their relationships between one another. In other words, the Facebook search engine is built around social interaction, which is every online marketer’s dream.

Finally, you have access to your target market’s likes and their friends’ likes and so on. We’ve discussed the People Search aspect of Graph Search. Let’s look at what else this search engine marketing tool can do for the ambitious online marketer.

Local Search: Now you can find businesses and events that your friends or their friends have visited and/or liked.

Media and Entertainment Search: Now search engine marketing is easy when it comes to searching for TV shows, movies and other media that are liked by friends and friends of friends.


Will Facebook Monetize Their New Search Engine?

A betting person would do well to put their wagers on the table for Facebook to monetize Graph Search. With Google doing so well with Adwords and with Bing doing so well with Bing Ads, it only makes sense that Facebook would join suit. Then there’s the fact that Facebook has been itching for a way to monetize the site ever since the platform went public. And while it’s had some minor successes so far, thus keeping the investors happy, it’s clear that they need something to happen soon if they’re going to continue to justify their stock price.

Still, this is all just speculation at this point. If the Facebook search engine is monetized, that will be great news for search engine marketing professionals. Now your ad for your business, brand or publication will be front and center for any users of the Facebook Graph Search that hit on your specified search terms.

What the Facebook search engine represents, essentially, is a way to ask your friends and your friends’ friends about their recommendations for places to eat, shop or otherwise visit without actually having to ask them. Now these recommendations will be at Graph Search users’ fingertips. If they want to find books liked by their friends of a certain sexual orientation and political persuasion, that will soon be possible. As far as search engine marketing is concerned, you’ll be able to follow those searches and place your own ads along the way, thus capitalizing on a new search engine marketing technology that could revolutionize the industry as we know it.

You can get on the waiting list by visiting the Facebook Graph Search page. Expect there to be some bugs as early adoption takes place, but eventually the platform will be running smoothly, if previous Facebook launches are any indication.

If you are looking for a better way to target your audience and you’re looking for a great complement to your current Google and Bing search engine marketing campaigns, it’s highly recommended that you get on the Facebook search engine waiting list by visiting the Facebook site. You just might find that it’s exactly what you’ve been searching for to make your campaigns precision sharp and extra profitable.

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