Options For Careers In Marketing

If you are good with people, if you understand what makes people tick and what motivates them, and you’re good at coming up with new ideas and concepts, you might have a future in one of the many marketing careers. Careers in marketing are all about communicating with and interacting with the end consumer. What motivates consumers to buy? What causes them to consider buying a particular product first and foremost before any others? How can companies improve their image, their brand and their reputation? A marketing professional will attempt to answer these questions and many more. There are quite a few options for careers in marketing, many of them listed below. Consider each of these marketing careers carefully and you just might find yourself taking the first step towards one of the most rewarding marketing careers.

Options Careers in Marketing


Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators oversee major marketing plans and report to a marketing manager. They, like other options for careers in marketing, typically work with a marketing team as the team generates content, management data, cost tracking and marketing research data. This is one of those careers in marketing that requires marketing abilities, lots of creativity and managerial experience and skills.


Sales Representative

As the name implies, a sales representative is one of those marketing careers that is responsible for selling a company’s products and/or services. The sales representative must be able to create a rapport with the consumer and for that reason people skills are generally required with these types of careers in marketing. The idea is to build a long-term relationship with the customer and to present the company’s products and services in the best light possible. The idea is that the consumer always buys from the sales rep before they’ll even consider going to anyone else. The sales rep is one of those options for careers in marketing that is based on incredibly long-term success.


Managerial Careers in Marketing

A marketing project manager oversees a marketing team similar to the marketing coordinator careers in marketing. In fact, the marketing coordinator might report directly to the marketing project manager. No matter how many marketing careers are involved in a particular project or marketing plan, the end result or expectation of result is the same. It all has to flow smoothly so that the customer doesn’t notice that they’re being sold to. They just buy because they’ve been convinced by the marketing teams that buying is the best decision for all involved. If you like leading a team and you enjoy providing customers with great service and you’re creative to boot, you’ll find these options for careers in marketing to be extra rewarding.


Account Executive or Manager

Account Executives are careers in marketing that are similar to sales representatives with the only exception being the accounts are typically much larger. You’ll find account executives and the account managers that oversee the executives working for software companies, energy companies and communications firms, just to name a few. This is one of those marketing careers that can be high pressure at times, but there’s also usually great reward. When it comes to money made, out of all the options for careers in marketing, the high volume account executive ranks high up on the list.


Careers in Marketing Product/Brand Management

This is one of the most creative marketing careers. Product and brand management teams are careers in marketing that are responsible for taking an everyday product and packaging it so that it’s irresistible to the end consumer. Consider the Band-Aids brand. Most people call everyday bandages Band-Aids because that product’s brand packaging was so effective. If you are creative, if you’re able to step into the customer’s shoes to find out what motivates them to buy and if you can position products so that the customer can’t resist a purchase, this might be one of those options for careers in marketing that’s perfect for you.


Market Researcher

Much of the work that goes into marketing a company’s products and services comes from the research completed beforehand. A marketing researcher will use focus groups, surveys, social media, interviews, message boards and many more tools and techniques in order to come up with a viable marketing plan. As marketing careers go, a marketing researcher is one of the most important jobs to the entire industry. Without the proper research, even the most well thought out marketing plan will have difficulty succeeding.


PR Specialist

A Public Relations or PR specialist is one of those careers in marketing designed to present a company, product or service in the best light possible. Public relations involves giving interviews, talking to the press, putting out press releases and generally helping the company in question improve its reputation within the target market. This is one of those options for careers in marketing that’s not for the faint of heart. Just like the accounts executive marketing career, this is one that involves a lot of pressure. You must also be able to think quickly on your feet and people skills will definitely help.


Internet Marketing Careers

This is probably the most universal of marketing careers, which means that you can do all of the above and more and you can do it from an office working for a marketing company or at home in your pajamas. An Internet marketing specialist might act like other options for careers in marketing, but they must know how to develop websites and web pages that people respond to, they must know the ins and outs of search engine optimization and keep up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithm changes. These careers in marketing have to know what colors look best on the screen, how to implement images and they must know how to produce content that causes consumers to buy. If you have dreamed of making money online, this is one career in marketing you may want to consider.

This looks like an extensive list for careers in marketing, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you consider yourself to be a people person and you think you have what it takes to start a career in marketing, get started today. With so many options for careers in marketing to consider, you only have to pick a path and continue down it. Start researching online, take a class and start putting focus into the marketing careers you’re interested in. You now have several options for careers in marketing. What you do with the information you’ve been given is completely up to you.

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