Creating An Email Marketing List

There is no better way to capture the minds and imaginations of your audience than to get them on your targeted email marketing list. Creating an email marketing list isn’t difficult, as long as you know your audience, their issues and wants, displeasures and desires, and you know the proper tools that make creating an email marketing list incredibly easy. The following example will take you through the creation of a targeted email marketing list. It should apply to any niche. Just apply it to your audience and start building a targeted list that keeps on providing, provided that you manage to keep your list happy that is.


Self-Hosted Landing Page with Opt-In Box

The easiest and fastest way to create your own email marketing list is to set up a simple landing page that offers two choices – opt-in or leave the page completely. You can set up an HTML site or a WordPress site. WP is recommended because you can set up similar landing pages for split-testing purposes on the fly with ease. However you do it, set up a simple page with an opt-in box. Once you have your page set up, hopefully with an engaging design and enticing copy that draws your visitors to whatever it is you’re offering, you’ll want to set up that opt-in box.


Setting Up Your Opt-In Box

There are quite a few software platforms out there that will help make the process easier when you’re creating an email marketing list. There are free ones, like Mail Chimp, and there are paid ones like AWeber. Most paid services have very inexpensive plans that allow novice and intermediate Internet marketers who may not have extensive lists still turn a profit. Choose the email marketing platform you like best and create an opt-in box for your site. This is how your subscribers will opt-in and it’s how you’ll compile your email marketing list.

The email marketing platform you chose won’t only allow you to create your own email marketing list, but it’ll help you manage your list for you. You can segment your lists according to marketing sources, by demographics or by buying habits. By tying the email marketing list and the platform to a marketing automation platform, you can even use drip marketing to nurture your leads through the buying process.

Now that you have your site and opt-in box set up, you need to drive traffic. Wait, we don’t even have a product, service or offering yet. We need something that’s going to attract your audience in droves. For this purpose, we are going to come up with a small report that includes the latest advice for solving a major problem your audience may be facing.


A Free Offer Will Drive More Interest In your Email Marketing List

For our purposes, let’s say that your audience is compiled of people who want to build muscle. You might compile a report that reads, “10 Foods That Build More Muscle and Melt Fat – In 10 Days!” You get the idea. Use action words (build, melt) and focus on lists, tips and secrets – useful content that is easy to digest. Then come up with a fancy cover for the report and use it to drive more people to your opt-in box.

For best results, decorate your landing page to reflect the colors used in your report’s cover and make your copy focused on what your audience can gain from downloading your free report. Now you’re ready to start driving traffic to your offer in order to start creating an email marketing list.

There are dozens of ways you can start driving more traffic to your email marketing list. First of all, make sure your search engine optimization is in order. For SEO purposes, make sure your landing page has popular keywords in the title, subtitle and in your H1 tags. Your copy should also include your copy, as should your meta tags.

To drive traffic to your offer, start advertising it via any means necessary. PPC marketing is a good one. With the use of Adwords and other online advertising platforms, you can start spreading the news about your offer and you’ll be creating an email marketing list quickly and with expert precision.

Now that you know how easy it is to compile an email marketing list, start putting these tips into action. Compile a short report, acquire a domain name and hosting account, sign up for an email marketing platform and then start driving traffic to your offer. PPC marketing, article marketing, social media marketing, video marketing – use any and all means necessary to drive traffic to your offer and you’ll create your own email marketing list in no time.

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