CPA Tips That Work

increase your income with these CPA tipsA cost-per-action campaign or CPA is a great way to add one or more extra income streams to an already successful online marketing campaign. Or it can be a great way to begin a stream all on its own. When you first begin putting the following CPA tips into action, you’re going to be amazed at just how many networks, platforms and offers there are to choose from. Try not to get overwhelmed, but realize that there are literally thousands of ways to make money using these and other tops for your CPA campaign. The following CPA tips only represent one great way to go from zero to earning with any cost-per-action offer.

  1. Find the Right Network: In order to put these cost-per-action tips into action, you will need to apply to one or more ad networks. Don’t just start ‘blanket applying’ to every ad network you come across. In order to maximize these tips for your CPA campaign, you need to apply to the networks that treat their affiliates the best and of course the ones that offer the best commission rates. Use online reviews to your advantage and read, read, read until you get the scoop on the best networks in the biz. ClickBooth, Neverblue, MaxBounty, PeerFly and MediaWhiz should help to get you started.
  2. Find the Right Offer: Most networks have a wide range of offers divided into several categories. Find the offers you think you would respond positively to and make sure you can live with the CPA or cost-per-action. In order to stay in the good graces of the ad network, when applying these tips for your CPA campaign, make sure you are sending the preapproved types of traffic to your campaign. Every network has its rules. Make sure you abide by them.
  3. Less Intrusive Actions: One of the most important cost per action tips a person could ever give you is to look for offers that don’t ask very much of the action taker. Short forms, offers that only ask for a name and an email address – these types of offers tend to have higher conversions because they don’t ask for a lot of time or information from the prospect they’re targeting.
  4. Study the Competition: Out of all of these important tips for your cost-per-action campaign, this one should be high on the list. When you find an offer, search for others who may be targeting that offer. You may have to get creative with your search, but see if you can find out what avenues, channels and techniques your competitors are using to find success. Then apply these other CPA tips combined with their ingenuity to come up with a super-targeted campaign that can’t fail.
  5. Set the Stage: You will need to come up with your own landing pages to host your affiliate offers. Various tips for your cost-per-action campaign includes making sure you match colors to your offer, make your page quick to load and make sure your offer and requested action is the only one on the page. Targeted is the name of the game when it comes to these and any CPA tips.
  6. Start Spreading the Word: In order to make any money with these tips for your cost-per-action campaign, you will need to speak news of your offer (and requested action) far and wide. One of the best ways to do this is via email marketing. When you are able to accumulate a list of targeted subscribers, you can pitch your CPA offers to that group anytime you want, as long as you keep them happy otherwise. If you don’t have a list, start building one. It’s one of the keys to making money with these cost-per-action tips.
  7. Let Others Market for You: Why do all the work when you can have others market your CPA offers for you. Another out of a long line of great tips for your CPA campaign that come straight from the experts is to create marketing materials that help others market your offers. Creating a contest that involves leaving reviews for your site and CPA offer is but one example. Get creative and put the burden of marketing these CPA tips to your target users. For best results, get them to market for you and make it for their benefit somehow.
  8. Pay-Per-Click Marketing FTW (For the Win): One of the best ways to drive traffic to your cost per action offers once you put these CPA tips into action is to engage in PPC marketing. Find your most targeted keyword terms and create enticing ads that drive more people to your landing pages. Then split-test to improve your click-through rates and conversions.

With these tips for your cost-per-action campaign, you’ll be able to add yet another income stream to your online marketing campaign.

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