Why Google Is The Search Engine To Follow

Google certainly wasn’t the first search engine (DogPile and AskJeeves anyone?), but it is the biggest. Google is so big that its name has become a verb. If you need to know something, anything, you just ‘Google it’. There are quite a few reasons Google ranks at the top of the search engine list, it’s not just because the search engine and its name seem to be everywhere. Let’s look at a few reasons why the Google was not the original search engine but it is the bestGoogle search engine is the one to follow, as well as how to get indexed so that your listing shows up first amongst all the others you’re competing with.


The Google Search Engine – Why It’s So Loved

The Google search engine made itself a household name by sticking to two primary tenets: Keep things simple and give customers what they want. In doing so, they have created a search engine that is practically used by everyone in all corners of the earth. The search engine employs a simple white background, simple listings and, even though there are ads (which is where Google makes most of its money) those ads aren’t intrusive. The entire layout of the site is nice and easy on the eyes. If you want to know how to get indexed with the Google search engine, take that example and use it in your own sites: keep things simple and provide excellent value. That’s the key to gaining prominence and popularity on everyone’s search tool.

When it comes to the search results, Google enhances its algorithms every year in an effort to keep spam at bay. This allows the engine to provide nothing but targeted, high-quality results, which is exactly what search engine users want.

The Google search engine is so easy to look at and use that it’s practically everywhere. It’s on people’s computers, it’s on their iPhone and Android mobile devices, it’s on their tablets – people are Googling en masse every day.

As an online marketer, that’s the first reason you’ll want to follow Google: Your audience is already using it.


Various Platforms = More Effective Searches

Another reason to follow the Google search engine is because of all the search features and platforms the site employs. For instance, you can search for ‘dog food bowls’ in regular search or you can use Image search to find photos of dog food bowls.  You can then use News to find headlines related to dog food bowls or Maps to find stores near you that sell dog food bowls. You can even get on Google+ and find people within your circles that like dog food bowls, that sell them or that otherwise want to discuss them.

The point is, Google is much more than just a one-trick search engine pony. It is a multi-faceted search platform that brings various search processes into one easy-to-use site. No wonder people use Google so much. It consistently delivers what users are searching for, no matter how obscure that information might be.


Google Adwords

As stated previously, Google gets most of its annual revenue from its ad platform Adwords. This platform is easy to use and is responsible for billions of dollars in sales every year. Major retailers are using it, small business owners and everyone in between.

The fact that Google makes its money primarily on ad revenue means that the company is going to focus heavily on maintaining and updating its advertising platform in an effort to keep it current. This is how Google operates and it’s a great example of why you should be following the company closely.

The Google search engine is always improving, constantly innovating and that’s why it remains at the top of the search engine list. So where does that leave you, the online marketer?


How to Get Indexed with the Google Search Engine

In order to get indexed by the Google search engine, you need to consistently deliver top-notch content. You need to have presences on the social networks and you need to have your followers share your top-notch content on those networks.

In order to index prominently in Google, you need to prove to the search engine that yours is an authority site and that you’re there to provide the ultimate value to your visitors. If you can do that with every site and every page that you hope to index, you’ll soon learn how to get indexed with the Google search engine.

Google is on top and it’s likely to stay there for a very long time. Follow the engine closely, provide your visitors with a terrific web experience and you’ll find yourself on top as well, on top of the search Google search engine that is.

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