Exciting FaceBook Updates For 2013

the brians behind FaceBookOnline marketers are rejoicing over a series of 2013 FaceBook updates that are designed to help advertisers better target the site’s billion plus regular users. For years investors and the brains behind the brand have been searching for ways to monetize the platform in order to increase revenue. Now it seems that FaceBook is taking its site in a whole new direction. If you want to know how to market on FaceBook, pay attention to these important FaceBook marketing updates for 2013 and put them to good use.


Graph Search

FaceBook recently implemented a new form of search engine on its platform. This is one of the most important FaceBook marketing updates for 2013, especially if you want to learn how to market on Facebook now. Graph Search is not ‘web search’, rather it is a search engine that links people you know with things you like. For instance, you can find out which of your friends live in San Francisco, which of them like Chinese food, etc.

If you want to know how to market on FaceBook now, you’ll find that it’s easy with the new Graph Search. Now you can find ultra-targeted marketing prospects simply by entering a few keywords and the entire search engine is all within FaceBook. You’ll be able to easily find those of your friends that are interested in your products and services and then go onto your Friends’ friends. Use your imagination and increase your reach with every FaceBook Graph search.


No More Hiding From Other FaceBook Users

Yet another FaceBook update that should excite marketers is the fact that the platform has made it impossible for anyone to hide from the new search engine. no more hiding from other FaceBook usersUsers used to be able to opt-out of showing up in FaceBook search results. In an effort to make everyone on the site visible (and thus susceptible to social marketing) the platform has set it up so that everyone’s available and searchable within FaceBook Graph Search network.

For marketers this is exciting because you will be able to seek out every one of your target prospects and customers within the FaceBook infrastructure.


Enlarged News Feed

If you haven’t already noticed, your news feed may look a bit different. Other important FaceBook marketing updates for 2013 are things like the fact that links will now show up three times as large as they used to. This is designed to help with user engagement, which all brands will appreciate.


Search Engine Friendly, Except for Google

While Google may not index everyone’s favorite social network, everyone’s second favorite search engine certainly does. Microsoft owned Bing recently announced that they will be adding up to five times as much content from FaceBook Friends as they did before. If you’ve been focusing all of your online marketing efforts on Google, maybe this 2013 FaceBook update will convince you to branch out to other popular search engines on the block.


Mobile News Feed Enhanced

FaceBook has finally created a more functional phone appWhile most of the 2013 FaceBook updates have to do with the regular platform, the company has not forgotten about the 600 million+ users that access the site from their mobile devices. In yet another important FaceBook marketing update for 2013, the company has enhanced the news feed in its mobile app for iPhone and Android platforms.

The company has long neglected its mobile app. Up until now the app has merely looked like a shrunk-down version of its normal site. Now the mobile app has far more functionality. FaceBook even has a mobile website dedicated to its mobile users. With a new aesthetic shakeup and more user functionality, the company hopes that more users will log on with their mobile devices and enjoy their time socializing with their friends and connecting with their favorite brands.

You can expect the mobile app to become more visually stunning as time goes on and for the use of multi-media to hit an all-time high. Instagram images, video ads – they will all show up with brilliant clarity if this 2013 FaceBook update proves to be a success.

If you are an online marketer, you should be shaking in your shoes with excitement over these incredibly important FaceBook marketing updates for 2013. It’s clear that the team behind the social networking giant has been hard at work making the site as visually stunning and engaging as humanly possible. So far they’ve done a bang up job and we can’t wait to see what’s next for FaceBook in the coming months.

Whether you have a current FaceBook campaign or you’re considering jumping onboard the social marketing bandwagon, these 2013 FaceBook updates should have you pumped about social marketing this year.

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