Top SEO Marketing Basics: Kicking It Off Correctly

If you are new to the search engine optimization game, you may be looking for some tips to help you get ahead. Of course your hope is that, by using certain SEO tools and SEO marketing techniques, you will earn favor with the search engines. It’s hoped that, through your SEO marketing efforts, your website will rank prominently in the search engine’s search results and plenty of targeted traffic will come rolling in. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Thankfully, SEO marketing isn’t too complicated.

The fact is, anyone can become great at SEO. As long as you learn the basics and you get good at those basics before you progress, you’ll build a solid SEO marketing foundation that will serve you for years to come. The search engines aren’t going anywhere and SEO tools and SEO services will always be in high demand. Are you ready to learn the basics of this ever-popular and ever-evolving SEO marketing art form? Get ready because you’re about to learn several of the top basics every SEO marketer should learn, and that you can apply to your business right now.


SEO Website Marketing

Since this is your online marketing base, where you will be sending traffic with all your other SEO marketing efforts, you must spend time making sure your website SEO is in order. Start with your meta data. Your website should have a Meta Title, a Meta Description and all of your images should have Alt Text that search engine spiders, crawlers and bots can read. Use your keywords when filling out all of your meta data, and of course make sure that your site is filled with well-written content that is also search engine optimized for the search engines.

SEO Marketing Content

Great quality content is going to be the cornerstone of all of your SEO marketing campaigns. If you can’t write, it’s best to hire an SEO company that will take the time to craft keyword-rich content that serves the reader and website visitor. You need SEO web copy that gets results, and only quality SEO marketing content will do.

Fill your website up with fresh, useful content that includes your keywords and your site will begin to be ranked by the SEO search engines. This is the cornerstone of SEO for Google.


Off-Site SEO

This is where you will attract attention to your SEO website, as well as help your site rank higher in the search engines. Off-site SEO marketing relies on what are called backlinks. These are links that point back to your website. The more backlinks you can get from other prominent sites in your field, the higher you will rank in the search engines.


Article, Blog And PR Marketing

We have our website SEO optimized and now we need to drive content to it. For this, we are going to write five blogs, five articles and two press releases. You can write more than that if you want, but this is a good base to get you started. Use the same rules and keep your keyword density healthy without your content sounding too keyword-stuffed.

Once your SEO web content is finished, publish your blogs either on your site or on a free blogging platform and link each one back to a related page on your website. Next, publish your articles and, again, use your keywords as hypertext to link the articles back to relevant pages on your site. Do the same with the press releases.

There are plenty of free or low-cost article and press release directories online. You only need to search for them, register and publish and you’ll begin developing your website’s SEO backlink structure bit by bit.


Social Marketing

Some online directories will take a few days before they publish your content. In any case, the search engines will need time to rank your website’s SEO content accordingly. None of this is likely to happen overnight. However, we are not about to wait for results. We are going to keep right on cooking.

In order to attract even more attention to our website and our article/blog and PR SEO marketing efforts, we are going to create a few profiles on some popular social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Facebook And Twitter

You may already have personal accounts on Facebook and Twitter. It is recommended that you keep your personal and SEO marketing accounts separate. That way you can more easily track your SEO marketing results, but also you won’t have to worry about your clients and partners seeing Facebook photos of you a little tipsy at a weekend barbeque. Instead, you’ll be able to keep things professional, which will yield you much better SEO marketing results.

Create your Facebook and Twitter profiles using your SEO keywords and write descriptions that will make someone want to click on your website SEO link. And of course, make sure you include that link so that anyone visiting your Facebook and Twitter profiles will quickly know where to go to find out more.


Post Valuable Content Frequently

Once your articles, blogs and PRs go live and they’re published online, start sharing them with your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers. Don’t just rapid fire content at your audience. Instead, make the SEO marketing content enticing. Let them know how useful it is and keep that content coming.

Social SEO marketing will not work if you don’t keep up with it. You must keep a consistent posting schedule so that you never fall behind. Your audience’s attention span is fickle. Most of your friends and followers will forget about you in a heartbeat if your SEO marketing profiles suddenly fall silent. Keep those posts coming and the traffic will build.



These days people are responding heavily to multimedia in all forms. Photos, videos, flash animation and more are great ways to grab your audience’s attention for far greater SEO marketing results.

Earlier we mentioned YouTube. As you probably well know, YouTube it the world’s most popular social video sharing platform. Anyone can upload a video and that video then has a chance to be seen by millions of people.

While developing your own videos may seem impossible, you’ll be happy to know that it’s actually quite easy. All you need is a slide program like PowerPoint and a video editing platform like Windows Movie Maker that comes complete with most Windows systems. You can use any SEO tools you want, but these seem to be very popular with newer marketers.

You then use PowerPoint to create animated slides, you use the video editing platform to splice in your voice-over and any music or other effects you want to include and you then have a complete marketing video you can upload to YouTube.

Make sure your SEO marketing videos are considered useful to your audience and don’t forget to optimize those videos for the search engines. Your keyword should be in the video’s title, you should include your keywords with a detailed description of your video and you should also include your keywords in your actual videos somehow.

Once you’ve uploaded your videos to YouTube, share them on Facebook and Twitter and publish them on your website for even more exposure.


High-Quality Photos

It seems that every smartphone has an HD camera and even standalone cameras are getting cheaper. This means it’s easier than ever to develop a photo marketing campaign to complement your search engine optimization efforts.

You are encouraged to take great photos of your business, clients, products and anything else your audience will find engaging and useful and start publishing those photos on Facebook and Twitter. And again, publish them to your site. Make sure you include your keywords as Alt-Tags with each of your photos. This alt-text is used by the search engines to determine what your photos are depicting. Since bots can’t physically see your photo, they rely on alt-tags to determine if your photos are relevant to the content or not.

You now have the basics of a search engine marketing campaign. You now know exactly what it takes to engage in SEO for Google. This is your foundation. By following these simple steps, you will begin to drive targeted traffic to your website, which you will then have the opportunity to convert to qualified leads. Keep your SEO marketing efforts up, don’t advance until you’ve mastered the SEO web basics and you’ll soon see why consistent processes are the key to every successful SEO campaign.

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