Top 3 Adsense Research Tools

Everyone wants to make money with Adsense.  And why not?  It’s free to set it up and has the potential to be an additional source of income for you.  But there’s more to making money with Adsense than just setting up your account and letting it go.  That’s the mistake a lot of people make.  So how DOES one make money with Adsense?

The first and most important step in making money with Adsense is RESEARCH.  You have to find out what’s happening in your industry.  Some markets have bigger payouts for Adsense than others.  So it’s important to assess the current scene in your particular business.  You may find you have to make changes in your website so that it more closely aligns with current trends.  Or you may find you want to scrap the whole subject entirely.  It really depends on what comes up in your research.

What tools should you use in doing your Adsense research?  Bill Mcintosh suggests three:

1.Google search

2.Keyword Country, and

3.Market Samurai.

Watch the video and get all the specifics on how Bill actually uses these tools in his own research, and how you can use them in yours.

For more training, sign up for free to and watch the show from there Tuesday nights @ 6:30 pm PST.  Also you can meet other like-minded members in the forums, ask questions and, more importantly, GET ANSWERS!

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