Online Marketing Blog Carnival: Internet Marketing Tips for July 17, 2009

Welcome to the July 17, 2009 edition of Bill’s online marketing carnival. The submissions are all in and we review each of them to only bring you useful online marketing tips.  There were many great submissions.  They covered a wide variety of topics.  Everything from SEO and affiliate marketing to general advice about how to run an online business.    Drop me a comment on this post and let me if these were useful!

Tim presents Natural Link Building – What’s That? Says: “I was reading Matt Cutt’s blog this morning and specifically his new post Natural Links are better than non-natural, not a post I would really recommend reading but one that provokes some thought from the title alone. What are natural links? and more importantly how do we build them?”

Tim presents How To Get People To Spread Your Worst Content Says “I read a lot of GOOD quality info on one hand but then some terrible info in the next breath, the kind of information you get really cross at for wasting your time. The point is throughout all the blogs I read there are certain ones, that no matter what the quality of the post is like, always get, dugg, tweeted, sphunn whatever!

The posts can be a complete waste of two minutes of your time but why are people still spreading this junk all over the web?”

Tim presents The Link Between SEO and Usability Says: “The landscape of SEO changes so frequently that if your not on the ball, you will be caught wondering what happened to your rankings. That is what makes the SEO game such a buzz, the fact your always sprinting to stay ahead of the game, those who like certainty should stay as far away from SEO as possible. So what usability factors might Google look at that enhance the user experience and SEO at the same time?”

Robert Alan presents 20 Reputable SEO Firms to Consider saying, “List of reputable SEO firms to consider for small business owners.”

Angel Taylor presents How To Avoid 3 Common Affiliate Mistakes Says: “Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and quickest ways of earning money online and it allows everybody a chance to make a profit, Since these affiliate marketing programs are easy to join, implement and pays a commission on a regular basis, more an more people are jumping on board. However, like all businesses, there are possible pitfalls which can quickly destroy your chances of making a profit.”

Emma Taylor presents 100 Business Execs You Can Learn from on Twitter Says: “Twitter is not often thought of as an educational tool, but the fact is that there are many people on the service that offer a wealth of information. There are CEOs, executives, and more users that have plenty of knowledge to offer you. Read on, and you’ll learn about 100 business executives that you can learn from on Twitter.”

Helene Zemel presents Internet Marketing Basics for Work at Home Moms & Dads posted saying, “Whether you own a brick and mortar store or work out of your home, advertising on the internet will allow you to reach thousands of people with your ads. This article provides you with some of the basics for getting started with internet marketing”

sagarika presents Skills that you should be learn for Success posted saying: “True Success is simply the realization and obtainment of a worthy ideal or result that your heart is deeply connected to it & what you desired, results fruitfully in your life, business, wealth, or a worthy ideal.”

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Start an Online Business: Open an eBay Store, Build a Website or Blog Says: “With the sour economy, the time is ripe for us to consider investigating investment opportunities and business prospects in the online realm. When it came to starting my own online business, I had tinkered with a few ideas, but never knew where to begin. But I’ve since researched this topic to some degree, and would like to share some of the things I’ve found.”

The Smarter Wallet presents How To Work From Home And Start A Home Business posted saying, “You may want to start a home business or a side business. Or you may want to telecommute to save on gas. Those who’d like to work from home may find these resources worthwhile. ”

Gabriel presents 8 Short Steps To Forecast and Calculate SEO ROI posted saying, “This article shows how to forecast the return on investment possible from search engine optimization. So many new entrepreneurs want to do SEO but don’t know if it’s a viable marketing channel! This article will facilitate the decision by showing how to forecast the ROI on SEO.”

Cris Santeiro presents How to Run an Internet Membership Site posted “Do some research and see what you can offer to make your membership site stand out. There are many membership sites on the Internet, so it is a very competitive market. Make sure you are offering excellent content and great customer service, in order to attract and keep your members.”

Robert Alan presents Tips for Effective Cross-Selling and Up-Selling posted saying, “Here’s a great list of tips for bloggers and online retailers on how to cross sell and upsell their products and services to increase revenue and total profits on their sites.”

Gregory E. Rouse presents What is Passive Income? posted saying, “As I watched these men and their friends over the years, I began to notice something. Those who were truly financially independent, owned their own business. And, not just any business, they all had businesses that made money even if they were not there.”

Amy Dyslex presents Learn Business Writing: A Few Commandments posted saying, “To learn business writing you can take a grab at a few coaching classes. But there is another way of training yourself. Like they say, it’s all about “matters of the mind.” So try out the following tips to angle yourself for effective business writing.”

Debbie Foster presents How to Ramp Up Your Blog Traffic Says: “You’ve created a blog and you’ve got plenty to say. Great! Now, the trick is to bring in some sizable traffic! After all, unless you’re independently wealthy, you probably need to make some income. Competing with thousands, or tens of thousands of other bloggers, writing in a similar vein or topic, makes this a challenging goal. Here I go over some of the best moves you can make to increase your blog traffic and spread the word.”

BrandonLaughridge presents Top 5 Non-Advertising Methods to Monetize Your Blog posted saying, “Some interesting ways to make money on the web without tradition ad networks.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents My Advice To Spammers (Limerick) says: “Dear spammers, I wish you’d take heed…”

Merlyn Sanchez presents The 5 Biggest Time Wasters says: “As the saying goes: “Time is money”, so wasting time is wasting money. And very few of us can afford to do that, especially in today’s economy. Here are 5 pitfalls that many business owners and solo professionals fall into which can severely hamper their productivity and cost them profits. Do any of the following sound familiar?”

Robert Alan presents Big Mistakes to Avoid with Your First PPC Campaign posted saying, “For all those small business owners and new entrepreneurs who’d like to take advantage of paid search marketing, but don’t quite know how, I’ve provided a top ten list of all the major things that you MUST avoid when creating your first PPC campaign.”

Christian Russell presents How to Use Social Networking Sites for Business posted saying, “I like to keep it simple. Simple is good. Know why? Because it works. Social networking for business is not rocket science, but for some strange reason, many of us WANT it to be! Perhaps it’s human nature. Perhaps if we think it’s complicated, then we will be able to figure it out…and after we figure it out, it will be easy. And our lives will then be easy. And money will fall into our laps without us ever having to lift a finger, because we’ve figured it out. We know the secret!”

Christian Russell presents Quick Start to Internet Marketing posted saying, “Many people out there are looking for a quick start to internet marketing. I understand. Most people in my network are business people, and we are the kind of people who want to get things rolling quickly. You know being online and marketing yourself with blogging, internet marketing and social networking is essential, but you don’t know the best way to go about it, and you have a million questions.”

CarlsonCOS presents B2B DIY Media Buying, or Use A Pro? posted saying, “Agency Media Pro and a Client-side Marcom exec discuss a framework for media buying and the pitfalls/benefits of DIY.”

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  1. These are amazing.I’m glad to read each marketer’s article.Online marketing is a business that takes a lot of things to know and do.Whatever industry you will take ,the key for a true success comes from hardwork and patience.

  2. Nice reading list. I like Tim’s piece about bad content getting hustled all over the place. Interesting and well-written. You’re a good host!

  3. Thanks for publishing my article. Nice selection of articles that should prove helpful to those involved with internet marketing in this Carnival.

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