Online Marketing Blog Carnival: Internet Marketing Tips for July 9, 2009

Welcome to the July 9, 2009 edition of online marketing carnival. Every week I’ll be accepting submissions related to online marketing.  I’ll review them and approve some of them that I feel might benefit you.

We had a lot of submissions this week about a variety of topics including: Google Adwords & PPC, Making money blogging, financial advice, Autoresponders and a lot of great Internet marketing help. Browse through the posts and hopefully they provide you with some value.  Let me know what you think of this weeks blog carnival by submitting a comment at the bottom of this post.  I’ll be adjusting the types of entries I accept based on your feedback.

Barbra Sundquist presents How to Set Up an Aweber Autoresponder posted at HomeBusinessWiz Autoresponders are a powerful tool and can do lots of things. You can customize them for marketing purposes and collect statistics on your leads and messages. To get started, there are four basic steps:

Ray presents Declutter Your Life By Getting Rid Of Junk Mail posted at Money Blue Book The average American household receives unsolicited junk mail equivalent to 1.5 trees every year, which comes out to more than 100 million trees for all U.S. households combined. Learn how to do your part in reducing junk mail.

Jim presents This coffee sucks. And so does your marketing. posted at B2B Rainmaker “If you want to be like everybody else, keep doing what you’re doing, it isn’t working for them either. If you want to be remarkable, do something we can talk about.”

Blogger presents Make Money Blogging: Top Bloggers And How Much They Earn posted at The Digerati Life If you’re interested in blogging to make money here’s some information on how to do it with examples of other bloggers who are successful at it.

The Smarter Wallet presents How To Earn Money Online, Get Free Stuff ! posted at The Smarter Wallet A few suggestions on how to earn money online and get free stuff on the internet. These and tools may provide you with a few opportunities!

Ayala presents If You Don’t Have A Website, Then You Don’t Have A Business | Internet Mogal posted at Internet Mogal In this digital era, if you don’t have a website you don’t exist. I know. It sounds so drastic and final. Let me explain what I mean.

Bobby Leong presents What is “WWW” the ? posted at Internet Marketing Solutions Have you ever realized that it is easier to say “World Wide Web” than “www” when you announce your website to the world verbally?

Brooklyn White presents 100 Free Web Design Tools and Resources posted at Becoming a Computer Technician A giant list of web design resources you can use that are free.

Mariano DiFabio presents Does Your Business Really Need Social Media? 10 Questions to Ask posted at The Web and You, saying, “Are you considering social media for your business but aren’t really sure where to begin? Here are 10 questions that every business should ask before taking the plunge and developing a plan.”

Welly Mulia presents Satisfy (The Majority Of) Your Customers posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia When a customer’s expectations are not met, they are unsatisfied. When that happens, 3 things occur:

Ryan Healy presents 31 Ways to Grow a Business posted at Ryan M. Healy. There are essentially four over-arching strategies for growing a business. No more, no less.

Harrison presents 6 Steps to Successful Social Media Buzz posted at eSpire Marketing – A Twitter Blog, saying, “This 6 Step Guide is pulled from a number of case studies that have proven themselves useful on numerous occasions.”

Nesher presents Better Tracking of Visitors Interaction on your Blog posted at Blogging for Good in the Modern World. Do you mind, if somebody uses the content posted on your blog or website pages? I personally do not mind. However, it would be nice if there will be ability to track all the cases, when content is copied, and the proper credit will be presented.

Christian Russell presents 20 Ways to Instill Trust and Make More Money posted at Next Level Blogger. The methods we use to market products and services these days are changing rapidly, and if you’re reading this blog you’re obviously aware of these changes and are taking steps to learn. Kudos. But it’s important…absolutely essential…to understand one simple fact.

Christian Russell presents The Number One Reason Blogs Fail posted at Next Level Blogger. If you want a successful blog or internet marketing plan of any kind, you need a fully detailed plan to start off.

Martin Russell presents “Conspiracy of the Rich”- A Review posted at Word of Mouth Marketing. Robert Kiyosaki has tried to turn his latest book launch into an viral event by having chapter by chapter released online and inviting comments from readers. The end result will be a hardcopy of the book “Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money”.

Foster presents Some Things To Know About Pay Per Click Advertising posted at Internet Income – The Journey. There are many steps you must master before you can become profitable with PPC. It is not a matter of throwing up something in ten minutes and seeing what works. You will need to research and implement each part of the process properly, otherwise your campaign will not succeed.

Cynthia Medina presents What if your articles could talk? posted at MomzBusiness, saying, “Imagine if you had a full time employee at your disposal and his job was to turn every article you have written into a video and bring it’s message to life? Wouldn’t that be great? Well now you can but it’s not a warm body, it’s a software program.”

That concludes this edition. I’ll publish next weeks edition on Thursday night too.

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