Free SEO Submission Lists, Tips And Tricks

Many SEO professionals are smart to look for free SEO submission lists first before they start spending any of their advertising budget. An SEO submission could be anything from a Facebook post to a URL directory listing or even an article or PR directory. The following free submission list, tips and tricks will help you gain more exposure through more backlinks, thus forcing the search engines to pay attention.


Universal SEO

If you are trying to reach people all over the world, you have several ways to go about it. You should start with free SEO Submissions to the search engines. When you submit your website and various web pages to the search engines, you force them to pay attention to you. Now, you may be wondering, “Don’t the search engines automatically crawl your page after a certain period of time?” That is true, but you can speed things along by using this free SEO submission list for the major search engines.





Article/PR Directories

When you are still trying to gain exposure from a worldwide audience, you’ll do well to submit articles and press releases to various free SEO submission sites. When you start browsing through this free SEO submission list, pay attention to the terms and conditions on each site so that you remain within all publishing guidelines.

Also, make sure every article and PR has a backlink leading back to your website and/or various pages using your keywords as hypertext. This will help your sites gain more link juice and will help human readers find your site by using relevant and engaging hypertext links.


Free SEO Submission Sites For Articles


Free SEO Submission Sites For Press Releases


Free SEO Submission List For Local Marketers

When your business requires a local marketing presence, you need to focus on free SEO submissions to local directories. The following directories are going to ask for the following information. Pay attention to each element to ensure that you always rise up through the local search engine rankings.

NAP: This is your business’s name, address and phone number. When listing information on the following free SEO Submission directories, make sure the information is listed exactly the same across the board. If you list your phone number as (555) 555-2434, don’t list it as 555-555-2434 somewhere else. Those brackets, though they may seem insignificant, can make a big difference. If you list your street as a Lane, don’t list it as Ln. later on. This is called Citation Confusion and according to most experts, it’s the reason for the most declines in the local rankings. Keep things consistent across the board and you’ll get much more out of the following free SEO submission list.

Categories: These are the keywords that people will use to find your business, products and/or services. Typically the free SEO submission directories will provide categories that you can choose from, but some let you choose custom categories. Keep these consistent also for best results.

Never Leave Blanks: As you go through the following SEO submission list, you may be tempted to leave some information blank, either to save time or because you don’t think it’s important. Never do this. Always use all space provided. Use your keywords as much as you can (while retaining a natural feel) and give local customers all the information they may need to make a positive buying decision.

The following free SEO submissions will help you spread your local marketing message.


Social Networks

When you’re looking for free SEO submissions, don’t forget about social networks. Just by creating a Twitter page or a Facebook or Google+ profile, you can gain more exposure, more prominent backlinks and it’s all completely free. The more you post, the more exposure you’ll earn from your friends and followers.

The following free SEO submission list may be comprised of social networks, but they certainly should never be forgotten or omitted from your search marketing campaign.


Web 2.0 Free SEO Submission Sites

While these could have been added to the free SEO submission list related to article and PR directories, web 2.0 properties deserve a listing all their own. By adding content to these sites, you not only gain more exposure, but you can also add a following and earn ad revenue. Did we mention that they’re also completely free?

Make them long, incredibly informative and relevant to your audience’s interests and you’ll go far with free SEO submissions to Web 2.0 sites, such as:

There you have it, marketer. This is only a short list, as there are many more free SEO submission sites to list than just these. The above will get you started, however, so that you can earn a big boost in the rankings from this free SEO submission list that all online marketers should keep handy.

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