The Art Of Marketing Your Blog

You’ve worked hard on your blog and you’d like to show it off to the world. The problem is that hardly anyone knows it even exists. How on earth do you market your blog on an Internet that is stuffed to the edges with millions of other blogs? The first thing you can do is ensure that your blog always brings the goods. As in real life, on the Internet the cream rises to the top. If your blog is good enough, it will get noticed eventually. What happens, then, when you want that attention now? You can urge things along by studying the blogging masters who have come before you. These are men and women who have used their words and their imaginations, and lots of work ethic, to create blogs that are loved by the masses. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you will want to use the following techniques. You are about to get a glimpse into the art of marketing a successful blog, but first a word of warning.


Warning To All Beginner Blog Marketers

In order to market your blog successfully, you must be able to commit for the long haul. The art of marketing your blog requires you to post regularly, to build up your audience, to form a connection with your audience and, finally, to provide your audience with information they can use to succeed. Succeed at what, you might ask? That depends on your audience and the goals they keep, the mistakes they make, the fears they have and the problems they face. If you can’t commit to doing all of these things, you might want to choose another form of marketing your products, services or ideas online.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin with the first step of marketing your blog post. Before you start attracting hoards of readers to your blog, you’ll want to make sure all of those individuals have a pleasant blog to land on.


Formatting, Images and Layout

The three rules of a successful blog are:

  1. Easily Digestible Information: You should have short, concise paragraphs with plenty of white space between them. Also, use bullets and subheaders in bold where possible to further break up the content. This makes your blog content easier to read. Your readers will thank you.
  2. Stand Apart: Use photos and images to add a visual element to your blogs and to further break up paragraphs where necessary. Images and photos will also help the blog you’re marketing appear more professional, which will help your blog stand apart from the competition.
  3. Easy-To-Use Platform: It is recommended that you use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to host your blog. When you start marketing your blog and you begin to successfully drive traffic to your individual blog posts, you want your readers and visitors to be able to use your blog as intended. They should be able to easily search for content, browse your archives and leave comments. If your blog isn’t user-friendly, you won’t be very successful when attempting to market your blog.


Advanced Blog Marketing Techniques

To market your blog like a blog marketing master, you will follow a series of simple steps. These include:

  • Solve Problems: Use social media and popular forms in your niche to find out what’s bothering your primary audience the most. Then, start writing blog posts solving those problems. Focus on lists, top tips, expert techniques and advice that are completely unique. Even if you’re only putting your own take on a subject that has been rehashed before, your content should be new to the Internet for best results and it should leave your audience coming away with something useful.
  • Post Regularly: We’ve already mentioned how much of a commitment blog marketing can be. You should commit to posting at least a blog a week. Two or three blogs a week are ideal. This gives your audience plenty of information to digest and regular blogs make it more likely that you’ll gain loyal readers.
  • Introduce Yourself: You used social media and forums to research your audience, now it’s time to introduce yourself. Use those same social networks and forums to market your blog. Don’t just spam your link everywhere. Instead, provide advice, get in on the conversations and let everyone know that you’re there to there to be social. Make sure your blog link is in your signature and on your social media profiles. If you make enough of an impression, your audience will want to know where to go to learn more. That’s when they’ll land on your blog and hopefully become loyal readers.
  • Gather Email Addresses: Set up an opt-in box on your blog so that you can inform your audience every time you publish a new post. A regular newsletter is a great way to build familiarity and trust with your audience. Remember that connection with your audience that we spoke of? This is the perfect way to do it.


As you can see, marketing your blog isn’t complicated but it does take effort and time. If you can commit to learning the art of marketing your blog, you’ll soon attract a loyal audience just like the masters.

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