Build An Unstoppable Mobile Marketing Campaign

The days of creating a mobile marketing campaign as an afterthought are over. You need to make mobile marketing a priority if you hope to compete in the future as an online marketer. The world is going mobile slowly but surely and soon, in just a few years, mobile devices could win out over desktops and laptops altogether. We are seeing widespread use of mobile technology of the likes we’ve never seen before and, as a mobile marketer, this should cause you to jump for joy. The time is now to build an unstoppable mobile marketing campaign. Here are some steps you can put in place now to ensure a more prosperous mobile marketing tomorrow.


Target Your Mobile Customers

target your mobile marketing audianceIf you have a regular website, you need to build an unstoppable mobile marketing campaign by developing mobile-specific content that appeals to your smartphone and tablet-using target audience. As always, go with very little text that can be easily read on a smaller screen, go with fewer images and give few options. Finally, space all buttons apart and make them large enough so that anyone, even large fingered people, can click-through.


Free Downloads

A great way to target your mobile audience is to have them opt-in. Make a mobile-friendly opt-in box on your regular website or create a mobile-specific landing page that asks for the mobile user’s email address and/or mobile number.

Getting the email address will still allow you to target the user. You just might want to make sure that your emails are responsive just in case the person checks their email on a regular computer. By responsive, of course, we mean an email template that changes dimensions according to the device the user happens to be using. As a side note, you should be using responsive design for all websites and email templates so that you can appeal to all your users with your mobile marketing campaign.


Entice the Download

Since your potential subscribers will be on their mobile devices, you will want to entice them to offer up their information by offering a free gift of some kind. This could be your organization’s new mobile marketing app or it could be a PDF file or anything else that your audience might find exciting. For best results, make sure the content is mobile-friendly. That means no documents that require the user to scroll endlessly to the end and other large content that’s not easily digestible.

Whenever you’re trying to build an unstoppable mobile marketing campaign, the rule is always to be quick and to the point. Provide tons of value and try to come up with content that your users will want to share across social networks. Speaking of social networks…


Implementing Social Networks with Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Facebook is all the rage, especially with your mobile marketing audience. An article just came out today that said that the new Facebook Home app reached half a million downloads, and it just came out a short time ago.

To target all those Facebook users, your mobile marketing campaign needs to be integrated with the social marketing platform. One idea is to offer a discount to your audience every time they like one of your products. Or you might start a contest that gathers all of your mobile marketing prospects together in a frenzy of creativity and comradery, such as a drawing contest using a famous mobile app or a photo contest using Instagram. Be different and put yourself in your mobile marketing prospects’ shoes, and ask yourself, “What would make me want to participate in a mobile marketing campaign?” If you can answer that question, you just might build an unstoppable mobile marketing campaign.


SMS Marketing, QR Codes and Other Mobile Marketing Techniques

We haven’t even begun to discuss text messaging and Twitter and all the other mobile marketing methods that can help you further engage and convert your mobile marketing audience. Start off slow with the above techniques and start building a mobile-specific list. Once you have your list, then you can implement other methods that will truly help you build an unstoppable mobile marketing campaign.

If you can please your audience with mobile-friendly and incredibly useful content, then no matter which methods you use, your audience should be receptive to what you say and offer. Just don’t rest on your laurels, keep studying the latest mobile marketing industry news and keep focusing on the men and women you’re targeting, as mobile marketing is definitely here to stay.

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