Book Marketing For The Novice

In order to make a name for yourself in any niche, you must prove that you have keen knowledge, skills and experience in that particular field and you must prove that you have answers that the rest of the group can benefit from. Essentially, you must present yourself as the authority figure in your niche if you hope to break ground and reach success. Book marketing is a terrific way to make a name for yourself and exhibit your authority over your chosen niche, as long as it’s handled effectively. The following book marketing for the novice guide will help you navigate the complicated system of marketing your book, even when no one’s ever heard of you before.


How to Book Marketing – Easy-to-Follow Guide

Once your book is complete, give it a read over to make sure there are zero errors. Once your novice book marketing efforts are put into place, your book’s out there. Any errors you make after the fact aren’t going to matter. That’s why it pays, when learning how to book market, to read your book over with a fine toothed comb and even give it to friends and family to look over. The more polished your book reads and looks, the more attention it will get from your novice book marketing efforts.

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When just starting out learning how to book market, you’ll want to keep your books short and to the point. Use short paragraphs and lots of space between them. Your goal is to make your book very easy to read for anyone not familiar with you or your work. The more attractive and easy-to-read you make the content, the easier your novice book marketing efforts will be.


Enticing Cover Design

Novice book marketing 101 says that you need a flashy cover. Your cover should appeal to your audience while also coinciding with one or more characters or a scene from your book. Or it can be nothing more than the title in big red letters. When it comes to book marketing for the novice, go with a simple design and one that includes the benefits or an exciting blurb right on the cover. Your job is to entice purchases and readers with your book. If you can come up with a cover that really wows people, that might give your book marketing efforts the extra edge they need to reach your goals.


Publishing Your Book

Choose an online book publisher. For our intent here, we’ll choose Upload your book and your cover to Amazon and fill in the required information, including coming up with an enticing description. If you want to learn the secret of novice book marketing, besides keeping it simple, try to entice your customer with everything you do.

Once your book is live, grab a domain name and a hosting account with your book name as the URL (or with any URL that’s easy to remember). Instead of sending people to Amazon, you’re going to send them to your own URL so that you can control the traffic.

Once your site is live, add a picture and link of your book as the main image and add a description. You now have a book page, just like an e-commerce site would have a product page. People can buy from Amazon right on your site, yet you get to control what happens when people visit.


Email Marketing

Email marketing will complement your current novice book marketing efforts. Place an opt-in box on your site and let your visitors know that they can sign up for a regular newsletter where you’ll discuss your book, books that might be coming up, articles you may write or interviews you might participate in – anything your audience might be interested in. Then, send regular newsletters doing just what you promised.

When learning how to market a book, you’re always trying to build an audience. Email marketing allows you to build a nice targeted list of loyal book marketing prospects and you can then notify that list every time you come out with a new book. Keep that list happy and book marketing for the novice will turn into book marketing for the expert, with you rolling in dough.


Social Marketing

Use your social marketing channels to drive traffic to your book marketing website and opt-in box. Hold contests where one of your participants can get their name mentioned in an upcoming book, or something to that effect. The idea behind novice book marketing is to get people excited about what you’re offering. Whether you’re talking to your subscriber list, your Facebook fans or you’re responding to a visitor form on your website, you’ll want to use every one of those opportunities as chances to sell more books. The more exciting you make your books and the more excited you can sound about your books, the more excited your audience will get. If you learn how to book market on social media effectively, you’ll never have to worry about book marketing for the novice ever again.



Find other novice authors who may want to cross-promote books. Book marketing for the novice doesn’t have to be a solitary affair. You might mention the author’s books to your opt-in list or you may feature that author’s books as an ad right on your website. This is a great way to expand your audience and you’ll be helping out a fellow author with your book marketing efforts at the same time.

You now have several actions you can take to market your book. If you are proud of your book, you should want to share it far and wide. Luckily, we have ways of doing that now that don’t involve selective publishing houses and mass distribution. These days anyone with an online connection, the ability to write and a desire to succeed can engage in novice book writing. Now that your book is written and now that you know how to book market, your audience is waiting on you. How dare you make them wait any longer?

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