Replace Your Income With Google AdSense

replace your income with a Google AdSense campaignGoogle Adsense is the search engine’s ad display network that offers a great way for online marketers to earn an extra income stream. In fact, by putting enough focus into your Google Adsense efforts, you might be able to replace your day-job income entirely. Before you start setting up an Adsense account, let’s look at the platform and the way it makes you, the online marketer, money.


Understanding Google Adsense – How Does It Work?

Before you learn how to replace your income with Google Adsense, you should understand the network and how it operates. Google Adsense is the display side of Google’s online advertising department. All the ads that show up in Adsense get created by online advertisers on Google’s Adwords network. Google Adwords advertisers hope that their ads will show up for those who will find them most interesting. If the ad is for fishing equipment, for example, the Adwords advertiser will hope that avid fisherman and women see and click on that ad.

Your job, as the Google Adsense marketer, is to create targeted content whereby the Adsense ads will show up and make you money. To see an example of the Google Adsense network in action, let’s pretend you have a fishing blog. A person shows up to your fishing blog and automatically they see several ads – one for fishing equipment, one for fishing expeditions and one for mail-order fish-to-eat. If the blog visitor clicks on one of those ads, Google will get a cut of the revenue and you, the online marketer, will get a cut.


If you have enough content and enough ads show up for enough interested parties, you could theoretically replace your income with Google Adsense. To begin, let’s start off very easy. First, go to



Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google. Blogger makes it easy to create content and make money from Google Adsense. You must tread carefully, however. A few years ago Google cracked down on Blogger because too many marketers were using it to try and spam the online marketplace. These marketers would create dozens of Blogger blogs with very thin content in the hopes of replacing their income with Google Adsense. And a few of them succeeded, that is until Google Panda and Penguin reared their ugly heads.

Today, many marketers think that Blogger is blacklisted by Google because of those Google Adsense spammers. That’s not true. Google is trying to bring Blogger back into the mainstream and you can help by trying to replace your income with Google Adsense by creating a high-quality and useful Blogger blog.

When you create content on Blogger, you merely have to hit the Monetize button and relevant Adsense ads will appear when it matters most. If you want to completely control your traffic, you’ll want to create a self-hosted site on WordPress or other Content Management System (CMS).



We will use WordPress as our example when attempting to replace your income with Google Adsense. You can easily place the Adsense code in the widgets on your WordPress site so that they show up in the sidebars or wherever you want your ads to appear.



By creating and uploading videos to the YouTube platform, you can opt to have Adsense appear on the videos you hope will get the most views. Come up with an interesting, funny or provocative video and you’ll finally understand Adsense and how lucrative it can be.

Whether you are creating a Blogger blog, a YouTube video (both of which are free) or a self-hosted site (which will cost you the price of the URL and hosting), the following rules must be followed if you hope to replace your income with Google Adsense.


Targeted, High-Quality & Useful Content

Whatever your website, blog or video happens to be about, it must appear to be of the highest quality. Spend some time researching your subject matter so that you can provide your audience with something they’ve never seen/heard before. Set your Google Adsense blogs, sites and videos apart and always work on creating more.


Eye-Catching Graphics and Images

While Blogger may be a little difficult to dress up, there are tons of WordPress themes you can use to entice more traffic to your Google Adsense ads. And of course, you should always work on making your videos as visually stunning as possible. You don’t have to be a master director, but you should spend time on quality and editing to ensure you always have a polished piece your Adsense audience will enjoy watching.

The more content you have, the easier it will be to replace your income with Google Adsense. If you can manage to be consistent with the quality and relevance, you’ll understand Adsense and why so many marketers use it for their online income generation efforts.

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