Attending Online Marketing Seminar: “Two Sides Of Traffic Workshop: Adwords Meets Organic”

Just a quick note…

I’m off tonight for San Diego to Howie Schwartz’s online marketing seminar this weekend December 14th & 15th.

The event is titled: “Two Sides Of Traffic Workshop: Adwords Meets Organic”

There are two seminars:

Friday’s event is regarding two ways of driving online web traffic. The first is covering expert level use of AdWords to drive paid online visitors to your website. The second, about using search engine optimization and other traffic “tricks” to bring visitors to your site. So it’s a covering both the free and paid side of traffic generation.

Simon Leung is the featured speaker on AdWords. Simon is a Google AdWords expert and former employee of Google so I’m sure I’ll get some inside information. I’ve seen Simon speak before and he has shown that he knows a lot about AdWords.

Saturday’s seminar is exclusively for customers of Dr. Mike and Howie’s new online lead generation product called “Lead Supreme”.

Howie is a great guy and I’ve been to several of his seminars on AdSense, Affiliate marketing and how to drive web traffic. They’re usually so good that I buy tickets for all my execs to come down with me, but this time I’m heading off alone.

I wish I could attend this one, but it’s my son Nicholas’ birthday and there’s no way I would miss that! So I’ll be driving back home Friday night and sending one of my business partners down in my place.

I’ll pass on anything useful that I learn to my subscribers and send you a few photo’s from the event. I always pick up a couple of new tidbits of information that I can use to drive even more web traffic to all my sites

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Until then,

To your prosperity

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5 thoughts on “Attending Online Marketing Seminar: “Two Sides Of Traffic Workshop: Adwords Meets Organic”

  1. Hey Bill,
    I’m at the 3 sides event in Long Island, Simon, Ross and Howie rocked today and there is still one more day to go. Will post about it when I get back from the event.

    Good to see folks are posting about this NON Pitch Fest… refreshing to actually be drowned in content.


  2. Google continue to makes changes. they’ve started to de-list pages on my websites… I’m obviously not providing good enough content on each page. Are they de-listing everywhere or am I just paranoid?

  3. Hi Rene,

    The biggest thing I’ve learned from the seminar is how fast the search engine optimization business is changing. If you look at the post I made today you can see that Google is experimenting with a lot of new ways to display search results. This may not be good news to AdWords and SEO marketers.

  4. Hi, I’m really looking forward to any useful information that you’ve gained from attending this seminar. I’m very interested to know what Simon and Howie have gone over, any good tips you can share?

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