Mobile Marketing & Advertising for the Holidays

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Mobile Marketing & Advertising for the Holidays top imageThe holidays are almost upon us and so is the busiest shopping day of the year – the ubiquitous Black Friday – where people of all sizes and shapes, creeds and colors scramble off to the mall before the sun even has a chance to think about coming back up. If you haven’t started preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all the shopping days leading up to the big C, you need to start preparing right now. One of the smartest ways you can prepare is to have your web presence ready for mobile devices of all makes, models and screen sizes. The world has gone mobile and even though a ton of mobile devices will be given as gifts this year, the mobile device will likely be your customers’ vehicle of choice for browsing your store and making a purchase. If you haven’t started holiday mobile marketing, here is how to get mobile marketing ready just in time for the holidays.

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