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I recently showed the viewers of my live Tuesday night show a tool called VigLink that I stumbled across. It seemed pretty awesome to me. So I wanted to share it with you here.

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VigLink is an affiliate link automator tool, basically. To see what they potentially can help you earn, they do a scan of the pages of your website for terms which relate to already-existing affiliate products. They will then give you an estimate of how much money you’re potentially missing out on.

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New Affiliate Marketing Network Launched… Check It Out!

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I’d like to offer you my help. The reason is that together I think we can both earn more money with your website. I’m currently offering help to people who sell their own products and services online and also to people who are doing “Internet Marketing” promoting other people’s products and services online for a commission.

Go sign up right now (it costs nothing to sign up):

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This is a preview of New Affiliate Marketing Network Launched… Check It Out!. Click here to read New Affiliate Marketing Network Launched… Check It Out! in full (225 words, estimated 54 secs reading time)