New Affiliate Marketing Network Launched… Check It Out!

I’d like to offer you my help. The reason is that together I think we can both earn more money with your website. I’m currently offering help to people who sell their own products and services online and also to people who are doing “Internet Marketing” promoting other people’s products and services online for a commission.

Go sign up right now (it costs nothing to sign up):

You’ll be assigned an affiliate manager who will contact you and help you get started. if you want to sell your products and services through my network he’ll review with you how it works and help you get started. If you want to promote some of the offers in our network as an affiliate he’ll help you become successful.

With most affiliate networks you sign up and are left on your own to figure things out. That’s where my network is different. We’ll work hard to help make you a success.

I’m also offering several of my own products and services through the network too. For example, you can promote Contest Burner my viral marketing tool and earn a 50% lifetime commission on every sale you help me make.

So head over there now and sign up. I look forward to helping you profit:

All the best,

Bill McIntosh
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