What Is SEO Hosting? & What Is A “Class C” IP Address?

Every computer on the Internet has an IP address. Your computer, your web enabled phone and the server that hosts your websites all have IP addresses. They usually look something like this:

As you see above, there are 4 sets of numbers separated by dots.

The first set of numbers is the ‘A’ class
The second set is the ‘B’ class
The third set of numbers the ‘C’ class
And finally the fourth set is the ‘D’ class

Something a bit like this:


Inside data centers where your server is located related servers or websites are often hosted by servers with the same ‘C’ class of ips. So their ips might look something like this:

The search engines know this and can spot when related sites cross link to each other from within the same class C ip address. These links are often filtered out of the ranking algorithms. If your site has too many of these types of links it can even bring a penalty to your site.

That’s why a few companies came up with the idea of “SEO Hosting”. This is where they will sell you hosting on completely different sets of class C ip addresses. People often use this to hide their mini site networks, blog “farms” or cross linking networks.

Keep in mind that Google can also see your contact information for your domain. So if you go through all the time and expense of setting up this type of hosting it would be silly to use all the same contact information on your entire network. That stands out like a sore thumb to Google.

6 thoughts on “What Is SEO Hosting? & What Is A “Class C” IP Address?

  1. Good explain for class of IP but please note that this is class of IP using in SEO perspective which quite different from network meaning. For those SEO hosting with different class C IP but in the same server, IMO it should be detect easily for blog network as Google can detect footprint that all link are still come from the same person (Server).

  2. Great article. It would have been perfect if you listed some SEO Hosting Sites. 🙂 Althought the class C explanation was concise and to the point.


  3. Great article! I saw it before but I just wanted to come back and thank the author. I have sent many people asking what SEO Hosting is to this article. The big question is, what happens to SEO Hosting with ipv6? In either case, thank you again for a great article!

  4. Great article, and I am sure there is something to it. However, how much of a penalty would there be when several if not all of your sites are using the same “C” address? This sounds like a way for the SEO host company to make more money, to me. It’s one more thing we have to worry about – so I guess add it to my list!


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