Video Recording From Last Night’s Show is All About Social Media Tools: What Tools Do I Use For Social Marketing

We had a great show last night with a very good turnout.  Thanks for everyone who tuned in live.  If you missed it I’ve recorded the show and will post the video below.  However, you really should tune in live if you can.  It gives you a chance to ask questions live and get help from me directly live on the show.  There’s no other way to get that right now (Other than sign up as a McIntosh Marketing client and pay the big bucks)

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The first half of the show covered social marketing and what tools I use to effectively do marketing with social media.  I’ll list all the links I talk about in the video below. I covered how to use sites like Twitter to do social marketing.  Twitter is currently my favorite social media site and I recommend anyone who needs traffic, leads and sales to start using it now. So if you aren’t using Twitter: Shame on you! 🙂  Start now by clicking this link to follow me on Twitter .

So without Further delay, here’s the video:

Here is the links of resources I mentioned in the video:

Tweet Pro:
A very valuable paid tool to help you find and follow targeted Twitter users.  It saves a lot of time and ads a little automation to the process.

Tweet Grid:
Track Twitter conversations in your browser.

Automatic Twitter Unfollowing and Follower Management:

Tweet Later:
Will automatically follow people who follow you and direct message them plus many other useful features.

Social Too:
Similar to Tweet Later, but will automatically unfollow people who stop following you.

Twitter Karma:
A good tool to manage your followers and identify people to unfollow.

Pinging All Your Social Profiles:
A good tool to automatically update many of your social networking and social media profiles.

My Favorite Social Media Site:

My new favorite social media site.  It's like a multimedia Twitter tied to your phone.  You can record video, audio and photos right from your phone and update your timeline.  It also cross-posts these to your other social networking profiles.

More Social Sites, Follow Me:

Friend me up on Facebook

Like Utterli, but not quite as powerful (at least as far as I can tell right now).

Firefox Social Media Toolbar:

Yoono Firefox plugin:
Keep track of all your social networks right in Firefox.

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