Update Your Cost Per Action Campaign For 2013

tweak your 2013 CPA campaign for a spam-averse marketYour cost-per-action campaigns need a makeover if they’re going to hold up in 2013. Today’s online user is far more savvy and spam-averse than ever before. To be successful, you need to go through and update your cost per action campaigns for 2013. You may find that a small tweak is all you need or you may need to scrap everything and start from the get-go. Regardless of which road you take, the following tips will help you update your CPA campaigns for 2013.


It’s a Multi-Screen World

This goes for all online marketing, but your 2013 CPA campaign must be available to PC (and Mac) users, mobile device users, tablet computer users and everyone in between. If you only have a desktop view for your CPA campaign offers, you’re going to lose out on the majority of users who are now using their mobile devices to access the Internet. It’s time to update your cost per action campaign for 2013 by allowing everyone to visit your offers.

Action to Take: To update your cost per action campaigns for 2013, you need to make your landing pages and offers “responsive”, as in they should automatically detect the user’s screen size and adjust accordingly. If you don’t take this step, your users that you alienate will jump ship before taking any action at all.


Quick Action Makes for Higher Earnings

Online users today have very short attention spans and they want what they’re looking for right now. That means that your offers have to be quick and to the point. Avoid long drawn-out forms that users have to take ten to fifteen minutes to fill out.

Action to Take: To update your cost per action campaign for 2013, only choose offers that ask for little information and that take very little time to complete. The less time it takes to move from prospect to customer, the more money you will make overall.


Be Different

Many marketers turn to online forums and blogs in an effort to find out what’s working for other 2013 CPA campaigns. This leads to marketers jumping on certain technique bandwagons. They find a technique that works and they all update their CPA campaigns for 2013 to follow that exact process. What happens is the Internet becomes saturated with these offers and techniques and when that happens nobody is profitable with them.

The trick is to find out what everyone else is doing and then do something completely different.

Action to Take: Think outside of the box and do something no one has ever done before. This will be different depending on the offer, the niche and the audience, but find that magic formula and you just might have a winning CPA campaign for 2013.


Stick to Few Offers

The more offers you try to take on at once, the more your focus becomes fragmented. Stick to very few offers until those are successful and then build from there.

Action to Take: Discard the offers that aren’t doing so well so that you can concentrate more on the offers that are turning a profit. When updating your cost per action campaigns for 2013, always remember that fewer offers will typically bring you more reward in the long run.


CPA Testing

If you have already started, you might want to start testing all aspects of your 2013 CPA campaign. You will want to test your landing pages, anchor text, headlines and everything else that helps you convert customers.

Action to Take: Start sending traffic to duplicate copies of your offer, changing a minute detail (the title of a landing page, the landing page copy, the opt-in call-to-action, and so on. Use the data you glean to improve your conversions and update your CPA campaigns to succeed in 2013.


Re-Research Your Keywords

To fully update your cost per action campaign for 2013, you should research every one of the keywords you’re currently using to make sure they are still viable. Trends change, search habits fluctuate and you may find that your keywords are out-of-date.

Action to Take: Take the time to research your keywords using common tools like Google Adword’s free keyword research tool. This should be done every year to make sure your campaigns are always on the SEO up-and-up.

You now have several actions to take to update your cost per action campaigns for 2013. Take your time, go through each one and make sure you are testing all the way through. The Internet constantly evolves and the changes you make today may not be optimal six months from now. That’s why you need to constantly update your CPA campaigns for 2013 if you hope to always remain relevant and solvent.

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