Increase Your Conversion Rates In 2013

The world of online marketing has exploded and more people are trying their hand at online selling than ever before. This means that you can no longer afford to mess around. increase your conversion rates for 2013You need to bring your ‘A’ game in every aspect of every marketing campaign you put together. When it comes to your website, you need conversions plain and simple. Without conversions, your website becomes just another piece of real estate in cyberspace, not doing anyone any good. Without conversions, you’re not going to make any money and all of your effort will be in vain. Of course we don’t want that. That’s why we’re going to focus on increasing your 2013 conversion rates. Pay attention to the following ideas, apply them to your own online marketing campaigns and you’ll see just how effective they can be at increasing your conversion rates over time.


Focus on the User Experience

In order to increase your 2013 conversion rates, you must provide an engaging experience for every site visitor. Your colors, navigation, shopping cart – they should all be designed with your visitor in mind. The following tips will help you improve your user experience, which will improve your conversion rates naturally as a result.


Landing Page

Most people are going to find your site by following a link found in the search results or on another site. Make sure that your landing page and the content found on that landing page fits with their overall expectations.

In other words, if your link reads, “Go here to find the latest guitar lessons split test to increase your conversion ratesonline,” and your landing page hardly mentions guitars at all, your visitors are going to become upset and leave. They’re going to feel tricked, bamboozled, and that’s no way to treat a valued prospective customer.

Pay attention to that landing page experience and make sure it’s a pleasant and fruitful one for everyone who will visit.


Useful and Engaging Content

To increase your conversion rates this year, you are going to have to provide content that people want to read. You can’t just throw keywords on a page anymore and expect to rank and receive higher conversions. You must either write engaging content yourself or you must pay someone to write it for you. This goes for images and videos, too. Low-quality won’t cut it. When it comes to the words you write, the images you grace your pages with and the videos you produce, you must always ‘bring it to win it’ if you hope to increase your 2013 conversion rates.


Easy to Subscribe/Buy

If you are working an email marketing campaign, a conversion is a new signup. If you are working an ecommerce campaign, the end conversion is a purchase. No matter how you define a conversion, you must make it easy for your customers to convert if you hope to succeed in 2013.

Your shopping cart should be set up so that instructions are clear and the process is quick. Your buy buttons should be large and colored adequately so that they’re easy to see. There should be no guesswork involved. Tell your customers what to do and they will do it if your offer is good enough.

Your shipping process and details should also be clearly displayed on your site, as should your privacy policy and terms and conditions. Any information that you think your customers might like to know, put that on your site if you hope to improve conversion rates. You may even include a Frequently Asked Questions page just to make your site extra informative. That’s called going above and beyond for the visitor and customer, which will always be rewarded if you do it effectively.

Think like a customer of yours and consider what improvements you could make to your website or current marketing campaigns to make them more user-experience-friendly. You may need an entire site overhaul with easier navigation, more engaging copy and a shopping cart that is a breeze to use.

While an overhaul may seem like a lot of work, it may be necessary if you hope to increase your 2013 conversion rates. It is really important to make sure you are using your time to make money as efficiently as possible. Again, this is no time to mess around. The Internet is fast-paced and extremely competitive. If you loaf now, you may never get your conversions where you need them to be.

Put these tips into effect, focus on the user experience and you will increase your conversion rates while your competitors are left in your dust wondering what happened.

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