Email Marketing Tips For 2013

Most people today guard their inboxes very carefully, which means you need to be extra savvy if you are going to succeed as an email marketer in 2013. People hate spam, they don’t like too many emails and they only like to receive emails from those they trust. Your job as a marketer is to get your subscribers to trust you and to look forward to each message that you send out. This isn’t going to be easy, but put the following 2013 email marketing tips into play and your open rates are sure to take off.


Streamline Your List

Before you work on building your list with more qualified leads, these email marketing tips for 2013 are going to begin by getting rid of any subscribers that haven’t opened or read any of your emails in quite some time. You may want to send a final email to these folks to make sure they’re still on board with your subscriber list.

Even though it may hurt to shrink your email list even a little bit, it’ll be worth it when your list is only comprised of targeted individuals who are interested in what you’re offering.


Free Offer

It’s been proven that the best way to get subscribers to opt-in to your list is to give something away for free. This could be tickets to your next webinar, a video series you hosted, a free ebook or ereport or anything else that’s targeted for your niche.

free offers will help your email marketing campaignFor best results, your free offer should be completely unique. If you offer a guide of ’10 Top Tips from Experts in [Your Field]’, those tips and techniques should be ones that no one has ever heard of or seen before. If you can accomplish that, you will automatically become an expert in your field in your subscriber’s eyes.

That’s essentially what email marketing is all about and it’s what a majority of these email marketing tips for 2013 are all about: establishing authority. Your subscribers should look to you as the go-to person in your field. This can only happen if you exhibit an expert knowledge about the subject in question. A guide of top tips, a webinar featuring a new lesson on marketing or a video series on how to accomplish a major goal would all help to make you the authority figure you need to be.


Landing Page

If you have your opt-in box on your regular website, such as in a sidebar, make sure it is prominently displayed and above the fold so that no one has to search for it. For best results, you will want to create a dedicated landing page for your free offer.

Your landing page should be one that is easy to access on any mobile device, one that offers pertinent information and a strong call-to-action and it should also have an image of your offer. If possible, include video of you addressing your audience or of you discussing the tips or techniques your subscribers are about to learn.

The idea is to entice the people you hope will subscribe to you. This can only be done if you write your copy in such a way, craft your videos and call-them-to-action in a way that keeps them on the edge of their seat.

What are their goals? Is it to get more search engine traffic? You need to get your audience excited about getting that traffic, make them see that their lives will improve once they achieve that traffic and you need to convince them that you are the one that will deliver them to their goals.


Regular Emails that Inform, Educate and Entertain

If you use the above 2013 email marketing tips, you should start to build a strong subscriber list comprised of targeted individuals. Now you have to keep them on the hook. Start subscribing to RSS feeds and let them know when news breaks, teach them new techniques that will help them reach their goals and let your audience know that you’re always there for them.

With regular emails, weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly, you can keep your subscriber list happy if you put in the work and try to be unique. And most of all, put your personality into it. Try to be entertaining. All of these email marketing tips for 2013 tips aside, if you can’t be entertaining you might bore your list to tears.

The lesson here is to be different, stand out, educate, inform and don’t be afraid to put a little personality into every message you write. Whether you have a current list or you need to build one, put these 2013 email marketing tips and you will build a strong subscriber list comprised of individuals who trust you and look forward to every message you send.

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