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smart phone apps and mobile marketingIs it starting to seem like every business has a mobile app except yours? If so, it’s time to start planning one. With smartphones as popular as they are today, it just makes sense to imitate a mobile marketing campaign to target all of those now fully-connected people on the go. Get your marketing team to put their heads together so that you can come up with one or more mobile marketing apps that blow the competition out of the water. To ensure success, here are six best practices that will help you more effectively do mobile marketing with apps.


Have A Marketing Plan In Effect

track your time to hit your goalsTo properly run mobile marketing with apps campaign, you need to plan way ahead of time as well as keep good track of it, if you hope to reach your goals. It’s sad when you hear of instances where development teams put hours of time and untold dollars into a mobile marketing app only to see it fail miserably.

You must plan for a way to market your mobile marketing apps before you even start producing them. Market research should be conducted, which includes surveys provided to your prospects asking them what sorts of apps they prefer, as well as other behavior-specific questions as they relate to mobile marketing apps.

As an added note, be subtle when attempting to mobile market with apps. Don’t force it on your prospects and customers, but instead just make them aware of its presence. Mention it in your blog or in your emails, or you might provide a popup to your mobile marketing prospects who happen to visit your website.

With a solid mobile marketing plan, your apps will take off – provided that they are valuable. Let’s work on the value part now.


Simple Navigation & Easy-To-Read Text And Fonts

No matter what your mobile marketing apps do or how they do them, make sure they’re formatted for the smallest of screens and the shortest of attention spans. When you’re designing your creations that will eventually allow you to mobile market with apps, pretend you’re designing platforms for people with humungous fingers. Buttons need to be spaced wide enough apart so that multi-button pushes aren’t possible.

Choices should be narrowed down to a few or just one. Your call-to-action should be strong and your text should be sparse and incredibly easy-to-decipher.

Your audience will probably access your app for seconds or minutes at a time. Don’t give them any excuse to get frustrated and close your app, which could just be for the last time. Instead, take some time to make your app fun and easy to use so that even the most stubborn of users will find it useful and share-worthy.


Interact With Your Customers Regularly

How will you know whether or not your customers like your app or find it useful? Sure, they can leave a rating and review in the App or Play store, but wouldn’t it be far better if they could speak with you directly?

Make it easy for your mobile marketing apps customers to contact you and vice versa. Only through two-way communication can you hope to build a bond that translates into more frequent mobile app usage.


Entice Follow Through

This tip for how to mobile market with apps is more about the design aspect. Take some time in coming up with a design that attracts your users and convinces them to stick around and visit again and again. You might hold a contest or provide a unique quote of the day, or your app might be so useful that your users can’t help but use it daily.

Survey your marketing prospects, conduct thorough research and use your team’s combined creativity to come up with unique mobile marketing apps that actually get used on a regular basis. It’s also sad when you hear of instances where developers put time and effort into the development of an app and in the marketing campaign of that app only to see it used once by the majority of the audience, if it’s used at all.

When you set out to conduct mobile marketing, you have to plan for every negative, and that includes the fact that your app may get tossed aside for other, more popular ones. You can combat this with frequent updates and improvements, once again drawing on customer feedback and research to make the improved app as sound as possible.

With these tips and a few innovative mobile marketing apps, you’ll always be on your prospects’ and your customers’ minds; and as any marketer can tell you, that’s always good for business.

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