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offsite marketing and online marketing go hand in handThe latest product or service, if you have it, is not going to make much money unless a lot of people know about it. To mass-market your product or service you have two essential choices. You can do the traditional offline marketing, which involves newspaper advertisements, television and radio ads, business cards and flyers. Oh, and you’ll also need thousands and thousands of dollars for all of that marketing. You’ll probably have to hire professionals to do all the marketing for you. You could go that way, or you could market online. Marketing online offers many free and low-cost methods that will help you get your product or service to an entirely new and hungry audience. Check out the Tips For Writing Effective Meta Descriptions For SEO – Undrcut SEO marketing firm has offered our readers. You are definitely going to find a new piece of information, or 2 or 3, that you can implement on your site today.


Identifying Your Target Market Online

In order to do your marketing online effectively, you need to identify one or more problems that your product or service will solve for your audience. If you have a cream that helps with stretch marks, for example, you’ll want to target potential customers that have recently experienced weight gain or women who have recently had a baby. You may even target men and women bodybuilders, as sometimes building the body can cause stretch marks to form on the skin. For this example, we have three potential markets that we can market online to. The next step is identifying one or more pain points, which you will utilize throughout your efforts to market online.


Pain Points – What Causes Your Target Market to Search Online?

Now that you know who you’re marketing online to, you’ll want to identify one or more pain points that cause your market to conduct an online search. When you do your marketing online, whether you’re writing sales copy, email messages or anything else, you’ll want to start your copy with these pain points, which will help to get your target market emotionally invested in your product or service.

If you were to write ad copy for your stretch mark cream, you might start by saying, “Are you tired of dimpled skin on the backs of your legs? Are you tired of covering up your arms, stomach or legs because of unsightly stretch marks?

Pain points drive the point home to the potential customer. They strike a nerve, and they cause the person to become instantly interested. Pain points are also the search terms that people tend to use when searching for a solution to their problems online. For example, ‘how to hide unsightly stretch marks’, or ‘how to get rid of dimpled skin on the backs of the legs’.

Now you see how these pain points will recur throughout your efforts marketing online. Keep them handy because you’ll use them as keywords, while writing ad copy, and possibly when communicating one-on-one with potential and current customers.


Website/Blog – Get Your Message Out There

get your message outNow that you have identified the who and the why, you’re ready to break ground on your virtual real estate. Create a website along with a blog that targets one or more of your target audience. For best results, you’ll want to create a home page that targets everyone, and then have separate landing pages for your individual target markets – i.e. the weight-gainers, pregnant women and bodybuilders – so that you can send targeted traffic to the respective pages.


Blogging and Social Media

Once your website is set up, choose one or more representatives from your respective target markets to critique your colors, design and copy. Make sure your site is really targeted. Once you’re sure that your real estate is primed for visitors, you’ll want to start publishing your blog.

Keep the information informative and entertaining and try to only publish information that your target audience may not know. Then, start a Facebook and Twitter account and start posting and tweeting your blogs. Invite your friends and family and potential customers to visit and comment on your blog. The idea is to get some momentum going, which can help you gain a whole new wave of interest and a whole lot more visitors to your site and product and service offer.

If you keep the blogs coming and you make sure that your site, blogs and all other web copy is unique and of the utmost quality, your efforts to market online will succeed and the best part is that you get to do your marketing online all by yourself.

Whether you have the next best product in mind or the next best service that you’re sure will have potential customers everywhere in a frenzy just ready and willing to throw their money at you, take this advice and put some focus into your venture and do your marketing online until you reach your monetary goals.

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